Guys: why do you like The Notebook?

I've heard from so many of my guy friends and just guys in general that that's one chick flick/romantic movie they actually love.

so, for those of you that feel the same, what is it about that movie that makes you feel you can relate to it? because I have to say, it's hard to believe that guys can feel that way about that type of move, with such a strong deep lost love connection, and yet they're always messing around and cheating and going off with different girls and refusing to be with the girl they really feel is right for them.

idk, any thoughts?


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  • Personally I like the following more. I never watched the notebook, but I saw the trailer to it.

    A walk to remember

    Ps I Love you

    Marley and Me

    Those three movies are all-time favorites for the "chick flick" type of movies; I like them because I can see the reaction of a male that is selfless towards any given situation. Seeing a selfless male helps me understand where I am being selfish towards my girlfriend. It's helped me develope my own sense of style, seeing an actor as a role model to this situation.

    At the time of watching Marley and Me- I was flirting with other women. When I watched the movie, I saw the main actors love for his wife / kids / job / dog / etc - and compared that to his friend which was filandering with all the other women in the movie- that were attractive, but didn't seem to have much depth. So it got me thinking- Why would I push away the way I am truly happy, for a sense of satisfaction that I'm attractive?

    - I know I know, women will probably hate my old self, and I can't say I've completely kicked the habbit- but I HAVE improved.

    Basically, the movies resemble an alternative to reality- where I can see and feel the interaction from men and women in an "script-based-role" that helps me understand the situation at hand.

    Best regards,



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  • I like it because Noah seems more down to earth to what we men are so afraid of admitting. That we can fall in love and become powerless once were trapped in it.

  • no way... my girlfriend had me watch p.s. I love you and I fell in love with it. not gonna lie, I cried when I watched it.

    my opinion p.s. I love you is better

    • Agreed! .. Though I didn't cry =(


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    • I agree, p.s I love you is better.

      and answerer, dude chill. I didn't mean that all guys are like that. but just that I've heard guys say that the notebook is their secret romantic fave, even though those guys are still doing all this messing around stuff. so I just don't get why that type of movie is something they'd really love and appreciate, when theyre doing the exact opposite and seem to be following other beliefs in real life.

    • Thank you for clearing that up. a little misunderstanding is all and for that I apologize

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