What she says and what she means?

The way women talk is different as the way men talk. Sometimes a woman wants attention, she could imply that to a man i a passive way.
On the other hand men can get fed up of this kind of behaviour.

Do u think a man should sometimes just ignore a woman he loves, e. g. when she says "nevermind" (=keep asking)What she says and what she means?


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  • That's not always true, but guys do this too. They often say things without realising how it sounds, they speak very loosely. Often guys will say one thing, but it means another because they don't consider their choice of words or understand how it sounds. Girls are verbal people, we understand speech literally, what exactly you say is what exactly you mean which can very easily be upsetting.
    Sometimes girls say they're fine because they're not comfortable talking about how they're feeling and need a little more coaxing to feel safe opening up. Sometimes they say they're fine because they are, and just annoyed because you keep acting like she isn't.

    • Do u have an example for guys speaking loosely? I don't understand

    • My boyfriend uses basic/small/vague sentences, thinking it’s helpful when it isn’t, it can be taken the wrong way because he isn’t specific or using detail. A personal example was “all guys think about having sex with other girls” which wasn’t what he meant, he meant (regarding himself at least) “all guys have thoughts about [the act of] sex, it uses images of other girls we haven’t had sex with, we can’t help it” I took it that he wanted to have sex with other girls, that he wants other girls and I wasn’t good enough - I didn’t know he couldn’t help it. We take what you say literally, word-to-word.

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  • Yeah, I know. I tried doing that mind-reading Bullshit for 15 years.
    Fck that sht!!
    WHY? I met one, FCKING AMAZING WOMAN, and she tells me what she wants, and shows me how to touch her, and we cook together, and she is a REALLY GOOD COOK!!!
    Go ahead, and try to figure out how to translate that nonsense, or maybe try to read their minds, but you will probably be WRONG, almost, ALWAYS!!
    Or, find a really sensible, WONDERFUL Woman, that must be an ANGEL, incarnate, and I fell so blessed having found her, and how we relate!!

    • I have a friend and sometimes she needs attention e. g. by saying "never mind". (Later on it comes out that sth matters pretty much) I'm fed up with that and think if there's really sth. important to talk about, then she should tell me straight ahead. Or id just ignore these statements.

    • @Richirick It depends on how close you want to be with 'Friends', women that Friend zoned you, or that you just care about. That is different than relationships. With female friends, that are like sisters, you kind of have to learn some 'female Non-Speak': When she says she's fine and nothing is wrong, but looks like she has been crying, or won't make eye contact: SOMETHING IS MAJORLY WRONG, and if you care, you need to know, and then keep asking until she tells you! Depending on how close you are, you may have to ask, 2, 3, or maybe 4 times, before she really things that you REALLY DO CARE, and she will open up.
      But if you open that can, you have to be able to be there, and just listen, and NEVER TRY TO TELL HER WHAT TO DO, unless she asks, and then, probably not!
      If she trusts you enough, and you care enough, she just needs someone to vent to, to talk things out with, and she doesn't usually expect you to solve it, or fix it, she just needs someone to hold, and who cares about her.

    • I see. What about if my friend is in love with me? (She is)

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