Chocolate 🍫🥛milk or strawberry 🍓🥛milk?

What about for milkshakes? Is your preference the same?
I will pick strawberry everytime, for milk and milkshakes πŸ˜‚
  • Chocolate 🍫🥛milk or strawberry 🍓🥛milk?Strawberry
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  • Chocolate 🍫🥛milk or strawberry 🍓🥛milk?Chocolate
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  • Strawberry. I'm a sucker for the sugary strawberry flavouring in food, even though I actually do not like real strawberries. Strawberry milk was my staple drink as a small child!

    Milk chocolate is really bitter and gross to me for some reason. I'm not a huge chocolate fan in general.

    • Thank you! You truly understand me, all of these chocolates don't even know the beauty of strawberry.

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