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Have you ever been or get Hangry?

Am I the only one who thinks Joey would have had better odds of survival if he offered a quality candy bar like a Snickers to Vick?
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Which of these Bubba Gump shrimp meals sounds the most delicious to you?

pepper shrimp shrimp stew Lemon Shrimp shrimp salad, shrimp in potatoes, Pineapple Shrimp shrimp sandwich.
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Whats your dinner routine and what have you cooked recently?

What do you do to get ready for dinner? How do you prep? And what's the last thing you cooked? For me... I Bring out the radio and strip down to my undies... It's time to dance... And cook! I can't cook if I'm not...
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What Kind Of MILK Do You Drink?
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Which sea creature did you want to eat the most in The Little Mermaid?

I always get hungry watching this movie and really wanna eat flounder...
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Guide to a "Proper" Filipino cuisine experience

There are other myTakes about the food of their country so I'm also giving it a shot. Introduction Just in my opinion, I just find Filipino food to be so good like no bias even if i'm not so proud living here. Influenced...
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If you were thirsty and went to the fridge with these dudes and they only had these things to drink which would you choose? what would you like? lol
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Do you drink wokacola?
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Would You SLAP Your Chicken Or BUY A CHICKEN SLAPPER To Cook Your Meat?
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Do you like Raccoons? Do you ever feed them in winter when food is scarce?

When all their game is hibernating do they come to you or do you say, Don't feed the animals?
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So is this what happens when fast food can't find employees to work because of them getting unemployment?

Since people don't want to work the fast food industry has to resort to hiring idiots and dolts. And you wonder why customers are getting fed up with idiots taking and messing up their orders. "Welcome to Goodburger, can...
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Beer. Is there a better product that helps you score? Its beer. Got any? Ahuhhhuhh!
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Have you tried banana ketchup?

This product is so mainstream here I overlooked it. It's sweet, kinda spicy and umami. Used as a barbecue marinade and even on our version of spaghetti too. But what it's...
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Have you ever eaten Turkish ice cream?

Hiç Türk dondurması yediniz mi?
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Dirt-Cheap Stovetop Pizza in under 14 Mins!

I've been spending the past couple of weeks trying to make homemade pizzas and also got some very helpful suggestions from people on here (thanks very much)! I've been focusing on two different versions: A dirt-cheap...
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Propane/Gas or Charcoal For Grilling?

Let's start a war!
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