Would you hire a sex decoy to "trap" your boyfriend/girlfriend just to see if they would cheat on you?

I saw that show "Sex Decoy: Love Stings" on TV where the people hire sex decoys to flirt with their mate to see if they would take the bait. I can see maybe hiring a P.I. or setting up cameras in your house if you think your boyfriend/girlfriend was cheating on you, but I thought it was kind of sneaky to hire someone to seduce and trick your partner.

Would you hire someone to flirt with your partner just to see if they would take the offer and cheat on you?


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  • Absolutely not. I think it's so immature and invasive, and indicates all kinds of problems with the relationship and/or the person hiring the decoy. If someone has so little trust in the person they're dating that they would go to such extremes to "trap" the person they supposedly "love," the relationship is already over anyway.

    I shudder to think about how I would feel if someone did that to me... yeeech.


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  • I don't think this is a nice thing to do to anyone...wouldn't want to set up someone I cared about like that.

    Trust also goes both ways...so how would you expect the guy to ever trust you again if he found out?

    I think there are better ways of dealing with things like that...

    also the guy might have done nothing wrong at all but the girl is insecure..(I know I am inseucre a lot)

    I would not do this..ever.

  • ehh depends

    if he seems like he's messing around or that he's not as involved to where I think he might

    because I tend to be so insecure at times I very well might.

  • Haha! I have seriously thought about it!

    I probably would because I tend to be insecure. A trait I need to work on, I know..


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  • I wish a girl (lady) when i am seriously into her will send a female decoy my way. This is only premise on the fact-
    1.) i welcome it because this "real" man who is mature, work hard and loyal will say no.
    2.) i welcome it because i would look at the chick no matter how"hot'she think she is and proudly tell her, you're not even near in comparison to what i have at home waiting on my arrival to get to her. so i am ok with a chick setting me up or as a friend close to me call it by 'testing me."I would pass. Only little boy's who are immature and manho3e types cheat. #RealMenDontCheat

    i think it is worth it to test your partner, very early. it get the deceit out the way so you are not then "investing"too much into the male h#e. Most important? your heart.
    Protect it if you're suspicious. Not worth it. Life2short or dishonor.


  • If someone tried to set me up like that, they had better pray I never found out about it.

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