Do girls never talk first?

Do girls expect guys to talk to them first? This girl used to talk to me first sometimes and now she never does. I would usually talk first more than she does but she would continue the conversation. I think she used to like me and I think now she lost interest because we dont really talk a lot anymore and we used to talk everyday in school. She will talk to everyone else but me and it is awkward because in class when we aren't doing anything we sit there for 5 min not saying one thing to eachother. I dont know why but whenever I have a good opportunity to talk to her I never do and I don't know if Im nervous or shy around her or something. It used to be so easy for me to talk to her but now its so hard!! Is she avoiding me now or something? I dont understand why we never talk anymore and she never talks to me first!! And sometimes I text her and after a few texts she stops replying. But sometimes when I walk past her in the hallway or I'm talking to my friends before class is ending I see her looking at me? Do girls expect guys to always talk first?

Thank you for answering I really appreciate it! And if you need any questions to be answered I'll be glad to help
Do girls never talk first?
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