What does a peck kiss mean?

I recently started talking to this girl, we have been on many dates together and when we are together we snuggle and hold each others hand about two nights ago she text me and said she wishes I was with her in bed still, and that she wanted to kiss me.i asked her why didn't she and she said she never makes the first move. last night I took her to a movie and when I said goodbye I went in for the kiss but only got a quick peck. she constantly tells me how much she likes me and that I make her happy. should I be worried ?


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  • Yes

    1. it's your job to go for the kiss.

    2. You have to go for the kiss on the first or second date. Never later. If you're nervous, just say "how bout a kiss?" then go for the kiss (only ask the first time)

    3. if you don't get a passionate kiss back, then she doesn't like you, whatever she claims. Lose her number, and forget about her.

    There are enough women out there that will string you along and pretend to like you for months. The above steps help to weed out these women quickly so you don't waste your time and money.

    • I hear what you saying , I'm not new to the game tho... just never had that happen very confusing

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  • No just go for it next time you see her, if you move quickly it could still work outx

    • Do you think she's just shy?

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  • She sounds very inexperienced if she's told you you make her happy after a couple of dates. I don't know why she just pecked you, but she could possibly be a virgin and so the physical steps in the relationship come very slow. Just try kissing her again.

    • Not a virgin she has a kid lol.

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    • Yeah I'm goint to wait till we have one of our "movie nights" and try it then if she does that again I moving on and searching for a decent woman begins again :(

    • Don't wait. Next time you're alone just try again.