What does a kiss on the neck mean?

This story kinda goes back a bit. There's this co-worker of mine who is known to be a pretty friendly person. So one day I was joked with her as she was leaving. I said to her, you leaving me already? And she said, Yea, I'm sorry. :( I still love you though. Then she came up to me to gave me a hug. Which was all kinda unexpected cause we usually just say hi & bye to each other. But knowing how she, I was like whatever in my mind. Then about a couple of weeks later (which is like 2 days ago.) I just got into work & she was already there so I went up to her said how you doing love? as I went to give her a hug. (More like a half a hug cause of the way she was positioned.) As that was happening she said Oh I love (my name), he's so cute. to another co-worker of mine who was staying next to us. And as I went to finish it off with a kiss on her cheek, she kinda like caressed her cheek against mine and kissed me on my neck. That was a shock to me cause we known each other for more then two years. We don't really see each other often nor talk till recent, for like the past two-three months and it's just been small talk and a little joke here and there. (Well I do most of the joking.) Nothing flirtatious or anything. I do be giving her hand though when I see that she needs help and just started when she got pregnant about almost a year go I believe. The thing right now is I don't know where this is leading to. I dealt with girls who are friendly and flirtatious but in the end it was nothing but never a kiss on the neck. She is married as well so you can kinda see where my head is at.


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  • hmm... are you interested in her?

    but you know I always say tht one shud stay away from married people. not because its morally right or something but because married people are a lot of trouble... they have this complex life and you can't have a simply loving relationship with them.

    • nah I'm not but I don't know her like that to say I would't be.

      yea I know & I'm more on the line of playing around & nothing serious but I just don't know where her head is. I mean from what I understand, the whole kissing on the neck is more of a sexual thing but it's all that love sh*t she's saying that is throwing me off.

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