Girls vs. Guys: The meaning behind a kiss?

There are a lot of questions on here of girls asking "what does it mean when he kisses me on the forehead..." or some variation of that. Well, I know what it means when I kiss my boyfriend on the forehead, it means I'm feeling protective and loving, I want to take care of him and keep him safe. This may not be the same for all girls, and I have no idea what a kiss on the forehead means to a guy, so I'm curious what the meanings are for men and women. Have you ever thought what you were feeling when you kiss someone in a place other than the lips? chances are there's a reason for it... think about it, and answer honestly.

1.) Forehead

2.) Cheek

3.) Neck

4.) Ear

5.) Stomach/Chest


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  • First of all, every guy is different, and every guy, according to his personality, might attach somewhat different meanings to those things. For example, I'm a shy guy and I don't have close/affectionate friendships with girls, so that will influence the meanings in my case.

    1) Forehead - I'd kiss a girl that I'm attracted to this way, probably as a greeting, just to test the waters, especially if I'm too nervous to kiss her on the lips. On a date, I'd hope I'm able to work up the nerve to kiss her on the lips, but if I absolutely can't, I'd try to do something like this instead.

    2) Cheek - If I had a girlfriend I'd kiss her this way every now and then just to show affection. Or if I were meeting European girls : )

    3) Neck - I'd do this to "turn on" a girlfriend or as part of making out. Kissing on the neck seems a little more sexual to me.

    4) Ear - Also something I'd do if I really want to turn on a girl.

    5) Stomach/Chest - Well if I'm doing this you might as well call it foreplay at this point : ) Or maybe after being intimate to show her some extra affection.


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  • Forehead: Most times it is an I love you kiss, but I don't want sex. Like I have to leave in the morning and don't want to get passionate or all hot and bothered. So I kiss the forehead to let them know "goodbye" "love you" "have a nice day" words need not be spoken. Rarely, but occasionally it means I just am not happy with you, but here is a kiss on the forehead before I go off to pout or do something you don't want me to. And I'm in a hurry. So the context of the forehead kiss matter.

    Cheek. Your (girls) face is softer and smoother. Ours isnt. We like to feel and smooch the cheeck once in awhile just to feel something smooth. If the cheek is kissed a couple times in the right situation, it will likely lead to a neck kiss shortly after

    Neck kisss...speaking of...means I am done with the cheeck warm up...I want you to get in the same mood as me. Neck kiss is sensual. My girlfriend melts with the back of the neck kiss and I save it for times when she may be undecided about sex...this swings it to a definate yes 99% of the time. I also kiss the neck during sex as my girlfriend doesn't like mouth kisses during...and I need something to do while we are in standard missionary position.

    Ear. I am a biter by nature. So I like to nibble on the lobe during sex to give her neck a break. If its before sex, then it is me telling her I like to bite/nibble, and I have already kissed the lets take our clothes off and do it

    Stomach. Not a place I kiss much. Usually reserved as a last kiss before going down there. Its like a warm up for the lips and mouth b4 I head further south...also gives her one last chance to say no as she is 50-50 on me doing that most times.

    Chest. If were talking upper chest / boobs. I lvoe to kiss those before and during sex. I don't know that it does too much for her, but I like to mess with them. I'm a guy -- we like boobs, they are intriguing...may as well kiss them to let them know we appreciate them as well.

  • 1 -- The forehead kiss is a consolatory, reassuring kiss. The message is "Don't worry; I'll take care of everything."

    2 -- Going for a bold lips-to-cheek kiss is a good tool if you've been friends with a girl for a long time but you've begun to want more. It's not inappropriate because friends can kiss each other like this (just make it seem natural), but it's close to the lips that it may open her mind to new possibilities.

    3 -- The neck kiss is more complicated in its various implications than first appears. When you allow someone to kiss your neck, you're exposing the most vulnerable portion of your main artery to someone. When you trust your life in someone's hands and that trust pays off, bonding occurs.

    4 -- I've never heard of ear-kissing having a special meaning, nor do I attribute one to it.

    5 -- Being kissed on one's body makes one feel better and more secure in one's sexual desirability. I'm sure this applies to women as well as it does to men. It's a concrete way of highlighting what parts of another you appreciate.

  • See as per my best of knowlwdge not in all counties kissing is publicly accpeted . (1)As per my best of knowlwdge when we kiss on fore head is kiss of blessing . (2) Kiss on Cheek

    show affection to someone its mostly for small kids only . (3)Kiss on Neck and Ear comes under sex appeal or showing desire to have sex with partner ...only at private places .

    (4) Kiss on Stomach/Chest sure...most of the time its sex...but if a lady is pregant and have babay bump then kiss on stomatch means love for unborn babay

  • If I kiss I have following in mind:

    1. Forehead: For people I really care as a younger brother, husband or caring boyfriend etc.

    2. Cheek: For I like you.

    3. Neck: To arouse my girlfriend or wife.

    4. Ear: To arouse my girlfriend or wife.

    5. Stomach/Chest: For foreplay. And may be to say hi to my baby in fetus.

  • 3, 4, and 5 all have the same meaning, theyre basically a form of foreplay.

    1 means I love you and I'm going to take care of you, and can be meant in a fatherly, brotherly or platonic way as well.

    2 is just a friendly peck on the cheek.

  • 1.I like her(friend,lover)

    2.too increase intimacy in initial stages

    3.when in the mood for sex or intimacy

    4.raunchy stuff,to arouse her


  • love you

    nice good friend kiss

    dont really know



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  • 1. means I love you?

    2. cute kiss

    3. I want you...

    4. um..

    5. intimate

    I usually kiss on the lips if I'm going to kiss someone . :) yeah..that's what I think for those places anyways. lol.

  • 1) I only kiss a guy on the forehead when I really care about him and love him.

    2) I kiss my friends both guys and girls on the cheek, not a big deal.

    3) I kiss a guy on the neck when I feel kinda hot or when I feel loved.

    4) on the ear I guess its when I feel hot and wanna tease him a bit, let him know what's coming.

    5) to show him I appreciate him and that I like his company.

  • wen I kiss my boyfriend on the forehead its usually me saying I love him

    on the cheek is a 'ur cute' kiss lolz

    neck 'i want u'

    ear... ill nibble on his earlobe.. also I want u

    stomach and chest is just because he's sexy.. another I want you kiss I guess lolz

  • i kissed my ex boyfriend on the forehead a couple of times.

    and i kissed him on the forehead when we broke up as well.

    to me, its a sign of love and care. It's more affectionate and intimate I only do that if i'm actually attracted to the guy and actually care for him (not like a random hook up at the bar)

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