Girls vs. Guys: The meaning behind a kiss?

There are a lot of questions on here of girls asking "what does it mean when he kisses me on the forehead..." or some variation of that. Well, I know what it means when I kiss my boyfriend on the forehead, it means I'm feeling protective and loving, I want to take care of him and keep him safe. This may not be the same for all girls, and I have no idea what a kiss on the forehead means to a guy, so I'm curious what the meanings are for men and women. Have you ever thought what you were feeling when you kiss someone in a place other than the lips? chances are there's a reason for it... think about it, and answer honestly. 1.) Forehead 2.) Cheek 3.) Neck 4.) Ear 5.) Stomach/Chest
Girls vs. Guys: The meaning behind a kiss?
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