Guys, what do your kisses mean?

When you kiss a girl on the forehead what is the meaning behind it? Why about the nose? The hand? The lips?

Just curious:)


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  • When a guy kisses a girl on her forehead, that means the girl has used her brain or said something good,

    when a guy kisses on the nose, that means the girl is cute according to him,

    when a guy kisses the hand, it could mean many things-maybe he cares for you,some may do it to show their affection and love and some may do it to propose a girl- It depends on the situation and place.

    And if a guy kisses her lips means that he likes you or maybe he even loves you.

    Good question- I must say

    Fed up of the sexuality and how do I look like questions.


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  • A kiss on the forehead means I care about you

    A kiss on the cheek means I like you

    A kiss on the lips means I love you

    A kiss on the neck means I want you

    A kiss on the hand means I respect you

    A kiss on the nose is just a cute form of affection

  • A kiss on the forehead usually is a lot more intimate than on the cheeck. It's a sign that he cares about you, though it can be in a friendly or romantic way. It all depends on the situation.

    Same goes for the nose.

    Kiss on the lips should be clear enough

  • for me - forehead would mean I care for you

    lips and eyes would mean I love you

    cheeks would mean how are you (more in a formal sense)

    but all would in the end when I m kissing my love would mean I love you and miss you every moment that you are away ...

  • Kisses mean love to me. Sometimes, I worry women only see my kisses as a sexual act. So I try to kiss in more innocent areas. I hope to express my feelings, and avoid looking like I am just looking for sex.

    I can't speak for all men though.

  • its showing affection..i do that to only the girl I love ..if I kissed a girl on her eyes and forehead it means I love her

  • Meaningless.

    • Let me elaborate... there are some people of the male gender that attempt to give it meaning... But for all intents and purposes, it has meaning for females moreso than males... women="he cares aboyut blah,blah, blah..." men="I don't care what she thinks this is about, but it is just one more step to her love cave..."

      Dont believe the hype.

    • Well, I don't believe all men are out for sex especially once the relationship becomes a lot more serious. Therefore I do believe there is meaning behind a sincere man's kiss.

    • Well unfortunately, Darwin, Sigmund freud, and Hellen Fisher (all either anthropologists and/or behavior al psychologists) would concur with what I say... But not as bluntly.

  • this does get asked a lot, but regardless a kiss is affection where it is. if I'm kissing her I like her I don't really put any other meaning on it.

  • There is no one-to-one translation when it comes to kisses. Each guy and each circumstance will be different, but as a general rule of thumb they wouldn't mean anything.

    A kiss on the hand? If done formally, it's probably a joke. Informally, it's less intimate than a hug.

    Kiss on the forehead? I think of you like a sister, or a baby who just had a boo-boo.

    And even then, those might not be true. Circumstances will vary it.


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  • i know its meant for guys..but my boyfriend usually kisses me on the forehead when I'm hugging him or when I'm going home. so its another way of saying I care and I miss you. itll just feel right!

    the nose? if you did something cute or you just have a cute nose lol

    hands...the only time I've been kissed on my hand is as a joke cause its usually not a place where people kiss. so I don't know about that :(

    lips? obvious...he likes you. they don't kiss just anyone on the lips!

    i wuv my kisses on the forehead and eskimo kisses :D its so cuteee

    • My boyfriend kisses my hand a lot. Like if we are holding hands in the car or if we are out in public. Maybe it's his way of showing PDA without being Idk:)

  • Lol, this question gets asked so much. O:

  • my boyfriend will kiss my forehead and my neck a lot, like if we hug he always kisses my neck, it can be in a sweet way, its not always sexual, and on my forehead if I'm leaning on him...and of course on the lips but sometimes if we're holding hands he'll pick my hand up and kiss it, its so sweet :)...i think he's just showing me he loves me lol