For guys: meaning of certain actions and kisses?

Me and this guy met online about 2 months ago. We finally met a few days ago. He wanted to come here and see me. We hung out on the town all day and evening. He was a complete gentleman and liked to slightly touch my back at times when opening the door for me. As do most people, I always dread the ending of first dates even if it's just "hanging out." But when it came time to say our goodbyes, he hugged me and then kissed my cheek not once but TWICE before we went our seperate ways. The following morning, we met up for breakfast at the IHOP before he hit the road going back home. When it was time to say goodbye, he hands me a card to open later then we said our "thank yous" etc. Finally he hugged me pretty tight and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before parting ways. I was surprised. I walked over to my car and as he was pulling out, I was fishing for my keys. He stopped his car by mine while the engine was running, jumped out, and ran to me and said that he had to have one last hug. He hugged me tight again holding my waist and kissed me on the lips not once but twice without warning (so a total of 3 quick kisses that morning saying goodbye). I admit that I was surprised at his courage and boldness, but it was sweet I thought. My question is, what is this guy thinking and feeling about me based on his behavior of hugs and kisses?
For guys: meaning of certain actions and kisses?
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