Girls, why so many white girl hate Asian guys?

The problem I have in my heart for a long time, I have to ask this question

I am a Chinese student in college in the United States, I really very very very love white girls, crazy in love, I want to have a white girlfriend or wife, but I'm not very good at social, I don't know what to do, sometimes I use social software, a lot of white girls see me is Asian will direct refused to me

And I found it easy to white men by Asian women, Asian men get white women are very difficult, I think it's not fair, is a very racist,

In China, a lot of white men dating, married Chinese women, even those white guy can't speak Chinese, but also is a racist, but Chinese men dating, marry white women are very few, in China and Asia, so also in the United States, the American media, film always uglification for no reason, "east Asian men, if the film in an Asian woman, so she must marry, fall in love with a white man, I think Hollywood, American media propaganda and brainwashing ability much more stronger than the communist party of China

I don't understand why the American media to vilify east Asian men, why a lot of white girls hate Asian man, just because of our race, color, text? Or just because we are from " communist country "?

I'm sorry, my English is not very good, a little emotional, but I really need help, girls, thank you
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I had sent the same question yesterday, but my problem are blocked or deleted
Girls, why so many white girl hate Asian guys?
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