If a guy loves a girl truly, why does he sleep with another girl?

i met this guy 6 months ago. before this his girlfriend had ditched him we fell in love and we started to sleep around. he says that he cannot forget his ex and he started telling that he had slept with her earlier. he says that he wants her body and my nature. I feel so hurt. he says that he loves two girls. he cannot live without me also. he cannot forget me also. I m very much hurt. he says he is a patient and needs treatment from me. he says whenever he touches me, he sees her face - this is shattering me. his ex is very beautiful and sexy but is a big flirt always wooing other boys but like a bog fool he is after her. whereas I am sitting here and loving him sincerely, he does not value my love for him. y is he like that. I am not able to trust him anymore. he is asking me to help him forget her. I don't know what to do. basically after hearing him say that - I don't feel like looking at the mirror - I feel so ugly and feel that only character and good nature attracts him and not my body - I feel so dejected - guys don't like normal looking girls with good heart is it. A guy can't settle down for normal beauty with kindness, generous, love, caring, affectionate - please help me
If a guy loves a girl truly, why does he sleep with another girl?
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