Do Pregnancy scares ruin relationships?

So my girlfriend said she was pregnant and afterwards kinda went distant from me like she didn't want me there for her and the more I tried the more she pushed me away... 2 weeks later Now she says she doesn't feel the same way for me and broke up with me all needs time to her self...

Keep in mind we been dating for months and she said I am keeper and introduce me to her parents and they told her they really liked me and all that b. s. And the moment she's possibly pregnant she cuts me off

Are first real argument was recently when I told her how she ditched me and left me scared shitless and I couldn't appreciate I was gonna be there and support her decisions... Abortion was her first response but I supported that since we're not ready
But so far 4 weeks gone bye and it's negative so she's not present but it ruined are relationship... Do girl recover from this and come back to there boyfriends or is this a wake up call for her to leave me for good? I know only time can tell but I'm hurt
Do Pregnancy scares ruin relationships?
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