She rejected me but steals glances and peripheral looks at me... Why if she turned me down?

Ok I just started this job I have a year ago but about month n I notice this girl who is beautiful and works in another department of this job, so 2 months past since that moment I saw her n I finally got the courage to go up to her and ask her out, she turned me down but n a nice nervous way cause she left pretty fast (she had just clocked out) I thought "well damn am I that ugly" πŸ˜‚ so I ask around the job about her even her coworkers n her department just because the vibe I was getting was that she was shy but everyone pretty much said no she not shy some even said she just keeps to herself... Well I'm not going to lie I was not turned off that she turned me down cause she was that beautiful so for a few months I showered her with eye contact, my eyes could not break the gaze but when she would I guess catch me she would look away I didn't think anything of it I mean I'm just admiring from afar but after 3 months moved on n attempted to approach other women at the same time though I could not take my eyes off her every chance I get but after a while of course it felt like I was torchering myself so I decided to just focus on my work to take my mind off her and it worked for a few months until I started catching her stealing glances at me Everytime she walk pass so you guessed I was back looking at her and we have been eye fucking each other for a year now cause every time I catch her looking she quickly looks away and I think it's so cute cause now it confirms for me she's attracted to me, I remember 1 day I was just walking up to my job and I pass a burger restaurant that's right next to my job but as I was passing I was pulling my phone out my pocket the sun was glaring in my so I kinda look up n by accident caught her staring out the window at me and she tried her best to look left right down everywhere else but me and she cycled through those motions so fast it just flattered me even more πŸ˜‚ so should I reapproach cause you know what they say what no meansπŸ˜‚
Oh and i found out she is a introvert does that matter?
She likes me or she likes me not 😂😂😂
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She rejected me but steals glances and peripheral looks at me... Why if she turned me down?
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