Guys: Why wouldn't you talk about your girlfriend?

When I hang around with my guy friends and they usually bring up their girlfriends casually in conversation, or if they have problems they ask me. Or the Girlfriend is there, no big deal. BUT..

I have this one guy friend, we sort of liked each other at one point last year. Since he got a GF, we've become less close. We only hang out in group settings, but he never brings her up unless I do. Every time I text him and invite him and her to a group activity with mutual friends, he doesn't mention her, or he comes alone. (PS I've met her and know her too)

We're planning to go out sledding together, I was assuming she was coming along, but just found out its just going to be him and I.

Am I putting myself in a bad position hanging out with him alone? I've been told that he's not even attracted to her, and is just 'comfortable' being in the relationship (it'd be almost 10 months they're together). But it'll just be too blunt if I ask if they broke up or if anything happened, though..

GUYS is this normal behavior? As for me, it isn't. I'd really like to know what's going on in his head!

Please and thank you xD
Guys: Why wouldn't you talk about your girlfriend?
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