Do you believe the best way to a woman's heart is through her mind?

The best and in my opinion the only way to a woman's heart is through intellect.

Women if you agree with this comment please list some experiences that men fail at. Yet they keep trying. Help them help you.

Guys please heed this information it will end all your failures at dating and or lack of connection. There is a suggested number of 7 women to every 1 man out there seeking dates. So these men that are seeking should never have an issue of being single if their motives are pure. If you're a total douche then you deserve what you get.

Communication is key. Having a intellectual deep meaningful connection is absolutely the concrete foundation to cementing a long lasting friendship. It is a must to find out what she is interested in, goals, dreams, aspirations. Including what she is doing at the moment to manifest her daily life. Keep the interest flowing in constant conversations about any of those topics with tasteful humor. If you do that then you will spark intrigue and depth that she will admire. If that is accomplished your appearance, sex appeal, bank account, living situation will not even come close to being as important. Because intrigue and intellect is a rare excitement every woman desires. They are starving for that type of connection. Deservingly so in this era.
Do you believe the best way to a womans heart is through her mind?
The very best way to dissolve all chances are to comment on her appearance or mention anything sexual what so ever. Until SHE initiates the route of the conversation. If online and the first words are anything of the sort it is a complete turn off (for the right woman seeking true love).
YES: if it is a woman that is a rare gem.
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NO: but I'm alone in my mothers basement complaining that women hate me.
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Do you believe the best way to a woman's heart is through her mind?
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