All men are pigs?

are men that easily stimulated where they can't control it when they see a girl in a sundress or skirt? and want to bang ever girl they see?

who wants to date a man like that?

I just want someone decent, but they all act like animals. it's disgusting and I give up. all men act this way some point in their life or another. some of y'alls relationships would be ruined if you heard how men talk about other females to their friends.

it's pretty disgusting
If they would see a hot girl when all of them were together they wouldn't even pay attention to their girls. kinda sick honestly.

I just wanted one man to prove to me that they aren't all like that, but I've been proved that they are all like that. it's pretty disgusting.

fucking sad. dont try and tell me I'm wrong. I give up?0
All men are pigs?
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