Why are men such pigs?

guys just want pornstars and sex. I get it it's in your nature and you're wired to it, but I honestly think if the dream girl you always wanted would come along you would leave your wife or girlfriend even worse cheat on her for that person. all guys want 1 thing (women can be JUST as bad I know. ) you guys follow half naked chicks on insta or social media (all I wanted was to find a guy who didn't do this. I didn't succeed because they dont exist.) I give up on true love cause it doesn't exist, cause guys want models online and want pornstars. when they see a women that's attractive they STARE even if they are married or have a girlfriend then they tell their friends who are also guys saying how hot and sexy she was. also guys love strippers and they always go to the clubs. I hope you have fun with your p0rnstars and hot ladies cause there are some amazing girls out there. (but I dont deserve one cause I'm ugly and fat, and I don't know if I'm even a good person) from what I see from guys online, in real life this is how they are. Now I'm gonna get the guys who say they aren't like that, but GUESS WHAT? THEY ALL ARE.
Oh disclaimer, women are assholes and can be worse. I just hate people in general. i am gonna be 30 waiting for the right one. I dont think I'm gonna find him now a days.. I guess getting married, having kids and growing old were stupid goals. I WANT A DECENT MAN. but nobody likes me, just like the people about to comment on this post do.. why is it like this?
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I'm sorry I know I offended so many guys, I know there's a lot of good guys. I've decided to focus on myself and eat right and exercise. Maybe someday I'll find a good guy :) I'm trying to make myself healthier.
Why are men such pigs?
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