Do girls ever grab guys’ butts?

I know this is a dumb question but I just started dating this really cute girl after my last girlfriend dumped me. My new girl is really adorable but very strait forward and a go getter. So on the 4th date after I drop her off outside her house we kiss. It turned into a small make out session. It was really nice and while we were kissing she slipped her hands down my back and grabbed my ass.

much like how a guy would do to his girlfriend. Now I didn’t mind or feel like that was crossing the line but I never had that happen before. My last (and first girlfriend) never did that and I haven’t heard of anyone else’s girlfriend doing something like that.

I just want to know, is that normal, do girls ever squeeze their man’s buttchecks. And do they actually get enjoyment from doing it?
Do girls ever grab guys’ butts?
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