Am I the only one who hates femininity when I'm a girl?

" I hate femininity when I'm a girl. "

Hear me out, literally every girls in my school campus are overly dramatic. Since I was young, they have always been like that. They shout and scream too much. They sat there and backstabbed anyone, it could possibly be you as well. Their laughs are alarm clocks in my head and the way they gossip is straight up toxic. The melodrama these girls have are overrated. Now, I'm grown up and some still do act like the ones I mentioned above.

Being forced to wear skirts is absolutely annoying. Everywhere we go, especially if it's a special occasion, you absolutely have to wear dresses or something feminine looking. I don't want to be forced. I get it, some girls out there love wearing them, skirts, dresses etc. But why do I have to be forced on wearing it when I don't want to (?).

[Mom you sucked.]

I love jeans, trousers, pyjamas or whatever but I've never liked skirts in my entire life. My legs get cold. I hate my legs getting exposed. I love wearing hoodies or just simple shirts. Never liked those with cleavages or too much designs and or a crop top. Because I've been forced to wear them since I was young and I'm sick of it.

Listen, my grandma told me to stay home and do house chores, take care of children, feed your husband and kids. I got irritated. I don't want to stay home and do all those, I wanna work and make my own money.
Am I the only one who hates femininity when I'm a girl?
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