Why do female bosses always suck?

My guy friend at work whos an asshole said that women dont belong as bosses. he's an asshole but he's right about that part.

I had female bosses a lot or mostly and its always something wrong with them.

Yelling or getting angry over small issues and nagging (thats a huge one... They will nag like crazy over the most meaningless shit that male bosses will barely mention because its basic common sense or will work itself out or its just part of the employees working style and not a real issue). The female bosses want emotional attention and attention for their every emotion. They generally go to the male subordinates for that. You can see this when they are flirting or being playful with them and giving excess attention or personal attention which they dont do with females generally.

Male bosses seem to be either relatiely unemotional or they instinctively know how to turn the switch off and not bring their personal emotions to work.
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Some males are effeminate especially today and they go to work to get their ego stroked by females and sexually harass women to feel high and mighty.
Why do female bosses always suck?
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