Do you have a habit you're struggling to break?

Do you have a habit youre struggling to break?
I struggle with lying & lateness. I always lie to avoid trouble or just make things easy for myself. I don't mean to but I do it. It's just little lies, nothing major, but I find myself often lying. Like example, my new boss must have noticed my late coming habit cos we passed by each other today around 10:am which was after I sneaked into the office after hiding my handbag with security so it would not look like I just stepped in. He stopped me and said "Glory, looks like you're really into late coming."My response was "No Sir, I've been here. I came early and left to get something." Then he nodded & we dispersed & I could tell he didn't look convinced. Lateness is so bad my boyfriend calls to ensure I leave the house on time so I reach work early. Which is one of the reasons he also wants me to stop working. The lying has already crept into my relationship. I lied about money. He gives me monthly allowance but I wanted more to get an expensive wig I admired on a coworker. Don't get me wrong, I'm not covetous. But I lied that I needed to help a sick colleague with finance, so he gave me more money & I got the wig. He knows how expensive the wig is so when he saw it on me he asked how I afforded it. So I lied again that a girlfriend of mine who he also knows gifted it to me. Then he wanted to thank her so I lied that I lost her number. Now I have to go and cover up with her Incase they happen to run into each other or something. This incident let me know how bad I am and I need to change but don't know how. What habits do you have and how are you dealing with it?
Do you have a habit you're struggling to break?
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