Isn't telling skinny men to hit the gym the same as telling small boob girls to get boob jobs?

First I must say that nobody is denying that muscular men are attractive. The point I'm getting at is that men in general aren't taught self love. I spoke to guys online that are fit bulky and ripped that still feel self hatred because they never knew how to love themselves. Even I suffer from self hatred because I literally don't know how to love myself. My brain can't process how to love myself.

Even worse is that some of these men start feeling resentment towards women. Why? Because they weren't loved when they were skinny but are loved for having muscles. I've seen first hand how my brother was treated better than me many years ago when he started gaining muscle mass.

In many ways it made me feel disgusted by women because they lie so much about muscles no mattering. Secondly, not every guy desires to have the ideal body, but sadly women ONLY are turned by that body type. This forces some men to become something they hate just to feel loved. This shapes resentment.

Women, men and society create modern day misogyny by mentally abusing males and then having the nerve to tell them to man-up after the abuse. After awhile all you feel is raw uncontrollable hatred for women. All you hear in your mind by social media, society, tv and video games is that you need money, muscles and power just to be noticed. You start hating females existence.

Love is only given to males that fit the ideal male model. I am male... I can only be sexually loved if I have muscles. I am male, women only like my height... I am male society rewards my status and power.

I am male, I am nothing beyond what society and women dictate. Why shouldn't incels and omega males feel rage and hatred? Males that are genetically below average are treated like shit. Then you assholes expect them to be good people after years and years of endless mental and physical abuse.

Isn't telling skinny men to hit the gym the same as telling small boob girls to get boob jobs?
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