A Girl I like now has a boyfriend but still tries to catch my attention. What would you do?

Hey guys and gals,

I am in a very strange situation and I was wondering what would you do if you were in the same situation.

I am working in a company and I was/am interested in a girl (I really like her). She is over 25. I tried to ask her out and got rejected. This was pre-covid era.

After around 3 years that we are back to normal and we go to office again, I was informed by a friend that she has a boyfriend now. Well, I wouldn't deny that it hurt but I just accepted the fact that it is over.

However, she is constantly checking me out. She is trying hard to catch my attention (even totally stares at me in front of other coworkers and even talk about me with them, it is pretty obvious from their reactions). This started a few weeks back but after I showed more attention she became cold and distant, even trying to avoid me. I then tried to ignore her totally and hang out with other coworkers including other girls. But this made her mad. I once tried to talk to her and she was running away from me. I constantly think that she might be interested in me but even that is the case then I face the dilemma that she is already in a relationship and it is morally very wrong to do anything to ruin another relationship. I know that this seems like a high-school level story but it is happening actually.

Since this is going for quite a while, I am really thinking of changing my job since this has become very frustrating and mentally draining especially when I see her with that dude.

What would you do in a similar situation? I particularly would like to know the opinion of girls. Should I ignore her totally (I should say this is hard since I really like her, you might say her ideal image in my mind, but I am attracted to her a lot at least physically) and even change my job or try more to talk to her (with the potential danger of getting myself into trouble at a workplace or embarrass myself again if she refuses to talk to me or reject me again)?

A Girl I like now has a boyfriend but still tries to catch my attention. What would you do?
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