Am I just overthinking about my coworker?

Let me try to explain quick. Probably overthinking it.

I avoided this girl when she started because I didn't want to catch feelings. I was trying to not even date at all. This girl just started at my job (small dealership). I noticed that she was doing the avoiding (no eye contact, no talking, no nothing). Every time I was around her she wouldn't keep any eye contact with me. One time just face to face and no contact. She passed me one day and she looked at the ground until she was behind me. Pretty sure when she was coming in to. I caught her one day looking at me for like 2 seconds until I looked up and she quickly turned her head.

She usually leaves to go on lunch. One day, I decided to stay upstairs in the break room (which I stopped long before). She came up there and sat behind me which confused me. I just brushed it off, but only made small talk. Today, I went up to the break room to get water and didn't even know she was up there. She quickly left (hence the avoiding I think). Now this seems really weird I guess. I asked her if I had done something wrong. She was like no no no. I thought she didn't like me. I think she asked why I thought she was avoiding me. She said she wasn't it just we don't get to see each other. That's is kinda weird has she pretty much wouldn't look at me when we came across paths. But I did noticed she was smiling at me while talking. She even did it over the shoulders looking back. I would've talked to her more but I can't even get a look at her because there's eyes everywhere, and the walls talk. And this is at work so I have to make sure beforehand.

I wanna say she is but at the same time, I'm probably overthinking it. I'm not really good at reading her body language.

Am I just overthinking about my coworker?
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