What does it mean when a guy stares at you everytime he sees you?

Every time I see this guy he's always staring at me from across the room, he's tries to make eye contact with me and hold it. By the way, when we're staring at each other, I'm always the first one to look away. It feels likes I'm the only one he sees in a crowded room. He doesn't look anywhere else, just into my eyes and he has this blank look on his face but sometimes he smiles. When he's with his friends they'll all stop talking and look at me. They know I like him. Why does he do this? Is he interested? When I asked a psychic about him she said he had no passion for me.


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  • Lol, ignore what the psychic said, a friend of mine asked a dating advice from a psychic once and the psychic was completely wrong! Ok, this guy may be interested in you, and you may be cute, have sexy eyes, and he wants to get your attention. Just start talking to him, just smile back to him and tell him to come here and then say hey, what's up. Ask him a question about class. Just start a conversation with him and take it from there. This is how you will know if he has passion for you or not, not from a psychic!

    • Thank you! This was somewhat helpful!

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