Why does my guy friend always ask me weird questions?

My guy best friend and I talk about lots of things in math class. He sometimes asks me odd questions about which I wouldn't expect but I just brush them off usually and then forget about them.

But this one thing which happened once now does make me wonder. Its not even a big deal of a thing but now im just confused.

Me and my friends all love to use Facebook to chat and upload photos but I rarely do take photos of myself; to be honest I just never really care enough to take pictures or selfies, so I change my profile picture after around 4-6 months of taking it. I didn't even care enough to notice or think it was a big deal, nobody has ever questioned me about it really except him that time.

I guess I didn't really think about it at first because he teases me about most things, but now its kinda bugging me.

He didn't really tell me straight up, I guess he kinda disguised or hid it in a jokey manner or something when he really meant:

"you haven't changed your profile picture in ages" "Why don't you take photos more of yourself?" "Your instagram doesn't have many pictures of you on it"

or something on that line. (It probably sounds a lot creepier that he actually said it)

I could of just told him that I simply couldn't care less, because like always when these odd questions happen I just answer them straight up, but this time I questioned why, because I was just so curious on why it was on his mind, or why he was noticing this sort of thing.

But I think he must of kinda realized what he said sounded a bit weird or something and became a little embarrassed and just shrugged it off.

I don't know why this is bugging me but Its been in my head for the pass day. Am I simply a boring Facebook granny who doesn't take pictures, or are guys observant about this sort of thing and are maybe a bit nosey? Any ideas?
Why does my guy friend always ask me weird questions?
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