Are scars a turn off for guys?

I've been wondering this for a very long time. Do scars turn off guys? I have quite a few scars on my body nothing big or anything the biggest one I have is less then the size of a penny. But they just bother me all the time I have a small one between my chest and a few on me legs and butt, mainly they are childhood scars and scars from bug bites, so like I said nothing big. But I just feel that if a guy sees them its going to gross him out and turn him off. So its just something I'm very self-conscious about, and I'm told all the time by guys that I'm attractive and beautiful but just deep inside I'm just bugged by my scars. And im starting to date again and when I eventually get to the stage of wanting to be intimate I am petrified of a guy just being turned off by them. Everybody says I'm crazy for thinking this but i think as humans we put a lot of pressure on our looks especially girls. So do guys care about scars?
Are scars a turn off for guys?
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