GUYS and biting. Sexual or playful?

I was leaning against a wall, he came up to me, gave me a hug, put his hands up against the wall on each side of me and was laughing and smiling next to my face than leaned into my neck and placed is head there for a moment than bit me, it lasted a good few seconds. It was kind of hard but still extremely pleasurable. It caught me off guard and felt so good giving me chills. We aren't together but There's always that playfulness and long tight hugs. He'll pull me into him, grab for my arm if my walking by to stop and talk with him. He always picks me up and holds me there against him for a little while. I know he's not a shady player type and doesn't sleep around. But anyway, what does the neck biting mean? When you guys bite a girls neck what are feeling/trying to say. He hasn't said he likes me or anything like that so I'm just curious.. Serious answers please. Thank you all!!
GUYS and biting. Sexual or playful?
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