My crush complimented my outfit?

So today I was wearing this long skirt that was really flowy and loose and I was talking to my one friend about how comfortable it was and whatnot, and she said she liked the skirt. The guy I like was standing next to us, but wasn't really involved in the conversation. Then we both turned and kind of started talking to each other at the same time, and he said, "I like your skirt, too." And then I got all fluttery and happy because of the compliment and said thank you and giggled and smiled.

Is it possible he was flirting, or is it more likely he was just giving me a friendly compliment?

This guy tends to do nice things for me, like lending me things I need, he once offered to drive me home, etc. He starts up conversations with me out of nowhere. Today he even asked me if I was making up anymore gym classes (because when I'm absent I have to make up gym classes and he has gym on my makeup days), possibly in hope that he would get to see me/talk to me/whatever some more. I think he might like me, but I'm not sure.
My crush complimented my outfit?
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