I'm gonna marry you someday. What does he mean by this?

One of my guy friends, who I've had history with said to me "I'm gonna marry you someday" is he just joking, or is there something more to it?


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  • If he still so young, means he believes that both of you will never find someone as nice as you are to each other and will end up marrying. You both have plenty of time to change your mind about this.

    • Yeah, but we're not going out? It's abit strange.

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    • Well, keep his friendship, be with him as much as you can. Let the time and God work you both a future....If he does not avoid you or make up lots of excuses to see you, means that's what he wants too. He's just not sure yet. But sometimes we need a woman to be proactive, to make the first step forward, you know...that will assure us that we have a REAL woman with us, not someone who will always be relying on us...for almost everything...

    • Yeah I know what you mean, he came back form uni the other day and phoned me and was texting me for me to see him. I was out and he came out and asked where I was and we ended up kissing. I'm just not gunna put everything on hold for him, he's my exboyfriend and what we're doing is wrong.

  • Nope he means it he's gona marry you, house, picket fence, volvo in the drive way, dog, mortgage and a couple of kids you will call them martha and ethil and you will live happily ever after...


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