Help, does this guy like me or not?

So this guy I've been friends w for a while broke up with his girlfriend like about 6 months ago. Anyway, since the start of lockdown we've been talking to eachother more and I started liking him, and I told him (he didn't say it back but he was really nice about it). We talk now and then but sometimes he'll go days without popping up to me and then randomly pop up again w a funny video of him and his friend or something. I've sent him some sexy pictures (but NOT nudes... I was in underwear) I probably shouldn't have but sometimes he would ask me for them and I'd sort of laugh it off like "you wish hahaha" aswell. Anyway, his friend told me he talked to him about me but wouldn't say what he said, and his friend pops up to me now sometimes (I dont know of that could mean something). Oh and he is usually the first person to view my story unless he is out or busy. But the thing that's confusing me is how he goes days without saying anything to me? Also, he meets his ex sometimes because they are still friends and that kind of worries me a bit? Someone please help I am so confused and scared that I'm going to end up looking like an idiot
Help, does this guy like me or not?
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