He Won't Ask and Confirm His Intentions, Why?

I met this guy on YouTube. He replied to my comment I made about dealing with Virgo men. I commented about being involved in a sexual relationship with my coworker along time ago and how he was kind and affectionate towards me. We both enjoyed the relationship and parted ways amicably. I replied to the guy on YouTube and we connected. He asked for my email address in which I gave. Once we started talking, he never asked for my number or to meet in person. We exchange pictures which he asked for. Well, I recently asked him why he hasn't asked for my number or invite to meet in person. I'm use to men asking for my number. He replied why didn't I asked him and that I said I wanted to get to know him first when he asked to view my Facebook page. Yes, I could have given him my number and invite to meet in person, but like I told him..."You initiated this rapport by asking for my email and I accepted and gave you my email address thinking you would ask for my number. You asked about everything but my number and to meet in person, why?" I believe he would like to have a sexual relationship agreement with me because I asked why did he reply to my comment he said he could relate and he was turned on by some of the things I said. Ok, I had no problem with his honesty and felt that was the reason why he developed a rapport with me. I have no problem with that. Ok, help me figure out what is wrong with this picture. If he's interested in having a sexual relationship with me, why won't he ask for my number and to meet in person? Why does he want me to initiate? Why won't he be upfront of his intentions? I'm confused. I plan to just put it out there what I think he wants and let the chips fly. But, I'm not sure if he's a good candidate. I feel the way you start is the way you will deal and finish with a person. I enjoy taking with him and think we could have a sexual agreement of sorts, but this is the only thing that stumps me about him. What's your thoughts GAG?
He Wont Ask and Confirm His Intentions, Why?
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I'll like to mention he keeps coming back after I tell him what I'm noticing about his actions towards me. I'm going to just directly tell him he needs to move on. We're not on the same page. If he returns, he needs to step up. I told him from the first email sent to him if I wasn't interested in getting to know him, I would not have given him my email or attention. I know there's other females that will gladly entertain his non-aggressive approach. So, I have no problem moving on.
He Won't Ask and Confirm His Intentions, Why?
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