Ultimate snap fuck boy how do I play him as well?

A dude and I hooked up and he still claims it wasn’t a hookup and there will be more to it. I obviously don’t expect much from this guy but I noticed he’s being petty idek what over snap and I’m bored and it is entertaining. He snaps me, flirts w me, etc and I know he prob has other girls I don’t really care. But he goes out of his way to avoid watching my stories. However, he notices if I block him from my location and either calls me out or also goes on ghost mode. Gets mad at me if I have “other dudes” and won’t compliment my cute selfies anymore. Somehow in the mix of this the dude still says he wants to take me on a date? I don't know really mixed signals and kind of weird. We don’t text so like I said I’m not expecting much from him. He also occasionally waits a day to reply to me and if I don’t double snap or call him out he asks me why I don’t make a greater effort to talk to him? All I’m asking is can y’all tell me how to play this guy back or at least get in his head a little bit?
Ultimate snap fuck boy how do I play him as well?
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