If someone blocked you, would you try and contact them to find out why?

A guy I went to primary school with exchanged numbers with me. Initially he said he was going to contact me. Then he didn't. I bumped into him a week later and he said he'd call. He did. We talked for about 40 mins catching up. He told me he's a sagittarius and I'm a capricorn we agreed it probably wouldn't work out. As its not a good mix and we both believe in these things. Anyways he went on to brag about wanting to buy either a scooter of the new iPhone. As I was going away I was cooking dinner and trying to pack. Anyways he asked me to contact him when I was back. On the Sunday he text which I didn't hear then he called but I was busy. By the time I got back it was after 12 am so out of respect I text him the following morning at 9am. He deleted his pfp on WhatsApp or deleted my number and didn't respond until 4pm at that time he was less enthusiastic responding with 1 word answers not asking questions so I basically decided whatever and blocked him. It's been 2 months now and he called from private number today to ask what's up. Then tried to tell me that I should unblock him as it was a misunderstanding, so I told him I'd think about it. He ended the call, I think we should leave things as they are. And wished me well.

I'm really not fussed, this is the second sagittarius guy that's played a game in a very similar fashion and I don't have time for it. The last guy, we had spent the best time together went on several dates, even had amazing sex. He ghosted me after I didn't want to go to sleep at his families home. (out of respect for his parents and siblings and maintain some respect since we weren't officially a thing)
If someone blocked you, would you try and contact them to find out why?
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