What does it mean when a guy blushes while talking to you?

Well hi girls and guys :)

At my work place- also a family business, this guy walks in with his friend- his friend takes a seat and he comes up and orders- he looked totally comfortable and smiled like a friendly customer. He came in the same day the following week and as I was coming to take his order he blushed and had this big smile on his face, it was reeeally cute. Does his blush indicate anything? or am I over reading this because I was thinking to get to know a bit more about him but won't if I'm reading the wrong signs


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  • He likes you. The blushing and smiling tell it all.


What Girls Said 1

  • this is sooooooooooo cute ,

    he is so into you girl!

    what are you waiting for

    talk to him , get to know him better ,

    that will make his day

    good luck !