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Confident VS Stuck Up: The BIG Difference!

This one's for the guys who all try to say that confident and conceited are the same, that is, yep, because conceit doesn't get the women but confidence will win us over, and they wonder why 🤔 It's not hard to tell that...
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There's Really Only Two Types of Men

There's Really Only Two Types of Men. When I say two types of men I don't mean alphas and betas, I don't mean good or bad, I mean the strong and the weak. On this MyTake let's talk about the weak ones and their actions....
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What makes men undeniably attractive to women?

I might answer my own question here but I want some more responses. Money - goes without saying. There's a reason why many of us say, that money is working the best because in reality this is how it works - no matter...
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Mens Secrets and why we do them

Okay okay, let me just let off some laughter beforehand when making this I also want to say that this is going to be an awkward post because it will have things about guys that have been listed as their secrets by Reddit...
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Guys, what is your preferred size?

Here's a video showing women in sizes from 0-28 (it's talking about how they exercise) but I want to ask guys to focus on their bodies real quick. This comes up a lot but I want a range, based off this video, of what YOUR...
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Problem Solving Men

Yesterday I had a puzzle to solve. A problem. At 12:05am, with the crowd-sourcing help of fellow male gaggers, I figured it out. I'd love to say that after that celebratory moment I fell into a heavy and blissful sleep...
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The misfortune of having paranoia and how it affects daily life even in little ways

Okay, so there are obviously different levels of paranoia and anyone should know that of course, there are also types of paranoia that are triggered by different situations which therefore changes the frequency of a...
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What do you think of this height motivational speech?
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Is this such a thing? Why boys are mean to girls they like?

Are you related? When? Why? Please check out the video. Note: I don't understand this behavior. I have met men like this, but never thought they are into me. Unkindness is...
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Confessions and Revelations of a Caged Man

I'm going to tell you a story. "Here's a story, about a man named Brady, who was busy with three boys of his own..." Just kidding. "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started at...
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Thoughts on this?

What are your thoughts on these quotes? And this video? thanks guys :) I know I’ve experienced them!
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Masculine intimidation: How effective is this?

How intimidating are these guys? How nervous is the opposing team? How would you feel? [I personally have pretty much zero interest in sports, violence, combat, and even...
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Alpha Males, Real or Meme?

I've always thought this idea is pretty ridiculous and toxic and not actually a thing so this video really made me smile
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What is your opinion on this guy who is 27 years old and makes these kinds of videos? Is it immature?

So I know this guy from high school who is 27 years old right now and he is unemployed and runs around town doing stupid stuff. He is highly obsessed with sonic the hedgehog and wears everything that is related sonic, a...
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Why does the guy I tutor always seem to be carried away?

I'm tutoring this guy in German and though I put a lot of work into preparing what we can practice and there is a lot of things he needs to improve, he always seems to be really dreamy and it's annoying. Due to the...
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Do All Men Think the Same?

I have heard this sentence so many times ALL YOU MEN ARE THE SAME. NO! HELL NO. We are not all the same. Not many men can open up, not many can admit their fears nor express their feelings ''because it's gay'' . Oh man....
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Do guys really do this on the beach?

Wow! I must be going to the wrong beaches.
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What would you do if your son acted like this when he's angry?

Let's say he's 17.
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How many of your guys feel like Superman?

Lookin' for kryptonite on a one way street... Just curious? If not, what do you feel like?
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