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Are you ready for the white boy summer?

This is exactly how a decent white boy's summer Iooks like. No white girls allowed. #WBS
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Guys, Do men like if my real personality is just like bitney spears?

Im so girly like. Alittlegirl, goofy a bit, silly, laugh a lot... I honestly the real me is a little girl inside. I need a protector and provider. I want 50 children and i love being around kids cause im just like them. I...
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What do you think about stocky girls?

(I posted this question already, but I deleted it because I felt I didn't word it as well as I'd hoped. This is just a revised version of it, and I hope I explained myself better.) When I say "stocky" to describe a...
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Have any of you guys here on G@G wanted to be a Love Machine?

It's probably not as good as it's hyped up to be but who knows?
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I sent this ugly face of me to be funny to my friend but he just ignores me did I do something wrong or was I weird?

I thought it was funny in my head and I felt bad because I just got ignored and the way that friend texts me is always very dry it just makes me feel bad I’ve known this person for years and I think it’s the only friend...
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Girls, Do you like a guy with this type of personality?

Do you like a guy with a personality that is synonymous to the speech in this linked video?
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What do you think of Kevin Samuelson? Ever looked at any of his content?

This guy has a knack for calmly and rationally having conversations about objective realities... quickly becoming one of my favorites.
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Do you find jake2r funny?

he's this guy who makes ironic tiktok videos
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What going on with these two people?

I saw this video of a great interview but noticed that the guy on the bottom look like he was lost in space with the look on his face and I swear that he tried to sneak a wink and also he touching his face a lot and I...
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Should I stick to reality and not think romantic thoughts about a man I like?

I realized i can have romantic thoughts all i want... But it doesn't amount to anything if i dont have a man who shares them with me. Just because a man was nice and even i feel saved my life doesn't mean he wants to be...
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Men, Do you know what you did?

Cause I sure don't
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Can lyft drivers videotape you?

i see this guy post videos on youtube he is a lyft driver
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Is This Man Going To Be A Serial Killer?

People who abuses animals are more likely to be serial killers. Plus what did the poor rat did to this loser to be kicked like a football?
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Guys, what are your dreams in life?

Inspired by this song my dad told me to listen to.
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Is this guy insane?
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Girlfriends saying "He's probably out there cheating on me right now" - What were you guys doing?

Me and my boys (not really me)
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AREN'T awkward guys the cutest?

Unpopular opinion: awkward guys are the hottest. Here's an example of one of my favorite awkward guys... Devon Palmer.
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How would you feel if your son made this video?

Let's say your 19 year old son is struggling in college, just lost his job, and he is depressed. So, he made this video
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