What is considered a petite or short girl?

Well I'm 5'7 and curvy so I think of myself as being tall but some guys say that I'm not even close to being tall. What am I, Who am I, help me:-o.lol jk

O but seriously answer:-)


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  • you're tall.

    you're TALLER THAN ME -_-"

    A petite girl is a subjective term. Depends on who's looking at who.

    Like.. a 6'10" dude would consider a skinny 5'10" girl as petite. lol

    But in the general case, I think a petite girl would be 5'4" and shorter, with either average weight and less.


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  • To me, you'd be tall, but to most I wouldn't think they'd consider 5'7 petite or short at all. I would only consider you as such, because I'm short myself, being only 5'6"


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  • Somewhere around 5'4" to 5'6" is average for a woman (depending on where you live). So you are a bit on the tall average side :-) IMO you are the perfect height! This is coming from someone who is tall (6')