I want to lose weight, Help?

I keep telling myself that I am beautiful, but I just feel trapped inside my body. I know no one out there is perfect, but I would like to increase my confidence and feel better about myself.

I notice that I start exercising for a good 2 weeks and see results, but then I stop. It starts with me finding excuses, drowning myself in extra credit, getting distracted on the internet (Ahh..what I'm doing right now) and just not giving the commitment. It's the same thing with eating. I haven't gone on a diet but I have lowered my proportions, but just like exercising, it slowly goes away.

I surround myself with motivation, look at pictures of (even though they're fake) skinny woman in magazines and watch stuff like 'I used to be fat' but it just seems like I can't do it. I don't have anyone here to motivate me even the slightest and when I just give up, it's like 'oh, she gave up.' it's not even a big deal. I know exercising gets rid of stress and it's very beneficial, but I just can't commit myself. Help please?
I want to lose weight, Help?
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