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6 h

Do you enjoy when your partner is the driver and you are the passenger? Have you ever fought over who gets to drive the car?

My SO and I have worked this out. She drives her car and I drive mine. In fact, she doesn't like my car and has no desire to drive it. I only drive her car when she asks me to, which is usually... Relationships

6 h

When your partner gets angry, do you find it kind of hot?

No, it's not hot, it's another thing I have to deal with... and it's not fun. Dating

6 h

Why do women dream of marriage despite how much work marriage actually is?

Historically, the main goal of marriage is to have a family, and women desire the security of marriage, where their husband takes care of them. A more modern definition definition of marriage is a... Marriage & Weddings

6 h

How old will you be this year?

I'll be one year older than I was last year. Hint: Look carefully under my username. Dating

10 h

Do eyes really tell a lot about us?

Eyes are the key to a woman's soul. Not so much with men though. Dating

1 d

If he cheated on his ex he will cheat on you: true or false?

Not necessarily. It depends on why they cheated, and what kind of relationship they were in. Relationships

1 d

How do you feel about broken promises?

I believe that a person should take responsibility for their actions. If they promise to do something, they should do it! Relationships

1 d

Shoulf I talk to him about it?

It always good to talk. If something bothers you, get it out in the open. Important though... TALK, do not yell and scream. Relationships

1 d

What activities do you enjoy the most with your partner?

We like to travel, visit new and different places. Cruises in particular. Relationships

1 d

I made a mistake reaching out to my ex again. How do I dump them for a second time without being an asshole?

Don't worry about bring an asshole. You got out of the relationship before, just do it again. Break Up & Divorce

1 d

What is the major concern about allowing romance in the workplace?

There are several concerns.. 1. A boss may show favoritism in assignments and pay raises if having an affair with a subordinate 2. If coworkers have an affair, it can negatively affect the way... Relationships

3 d

What day do you count as your relationship anniversary?

I've always considered our anniversary is our first date. Back when I was married (for 20 years, then an amicable divorce), of course we had our wedding anniversary too, but I always took her out... Relationships

3 d

If you died, would you want your partner to find a new person?

Yes, I want her to be happy, whether I'm around or not. Relationships

3 d

Do you have to share interests with your partner to have a good relationship?

It's good to share a few interests but it's okay (and good) to have some separate interests. Too much togetherness is not always a good thing. Relationships

3 d

Belly button piercing: green flag or red flag?

A tasteful navel piercing us fine with me. My SO has one. I don't like tattoos... the human body is beautiful, why try to dirty it up? Dating

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