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5 d

Am I the asshole?

Why would your boyfriend think it's okay to leave her alone overnight? I would've been scared at 12 being alone at night. you're boyfriend should have taken her home even if it meant he'd be late... Family & Friends

5 d

My dad got mad at my mom for buying me heels why would he?

He doesn't want you to grow up too fast! He wants you to stay his little girl. But you'll always be his little girl no matter how old you are. He sounds like a good dad to me, not saying that your... Family & Friends

5 d

Who is your family are you closest too?

I'm definitely closer with my mom than I am with my dad just because I can talk girl talk with her. Then it's my younger sister she's 13 she likes hanging out with me sometimes I take her to the... Family & Friends

5 d

My bd threatened to kill me and our 4 months son. I got to police involved & he told them he said that just to make me mad. Do you think that's okay?

No, it's not okay!! The fact that he even said that tells me he will be violent towards you and your child at some point. Get out now!! Family & Friends

5 d

My SO told me to fuck my parents and everyone in my family and he don't care if they die. Would you be with someone that say that about your family?

No!! I would tell him we are done get out of my life!! I feel like there is more to this than you are saying? Is there a background story? Or does he just hate them? If he just hates them for no... Family & Friends

5 d

My dad has been off and on with his girlfriend for 4 years and I get stuck in the middle of the drama when I visit him what should I do?

Tell him you don't like being in the middle of his relationship. If it doesn't stop don't visit him. Family & Friends

9 d

How do I make new friends after moving?

Sorry you're friends you left behind aren't bothering you, but unfortunately that's what happens, people get caught up in their own lives and they move on. I'm going to give you the same advice I... Family & Friends

13 d

Do you have a best friend? Would it be weird to have them live with your family?

If a friend of mine needed a place to stay then yeah I would definitely have her live with my family. She would do the same for me I'm sure! Family & Friends

14 d

Am I wrong? or is my mom in the wrong?

You did the right thing! You were not only looking out for yourself but also your little brother. I would think your mom would appreciate that. I have a younger brother and sister too, and if that... Family & Friends

14 d

Do you like inviting friends over to your place?

I like having my friends over the house. Sometimes we play games with my younger brother and sister. Family & Friends

14 d

Do you trust your friends?

I have 3 friends that I know I can trust with my life!! I'm very selective when it comes to choosing who I have for friends. I was friends with a girl in high school, thought she was my friend but... Family & Friends

15 d

Psychopathic behavior?

It must have been hard for her to put on a happy face when she just put her dog down. I don't think that's psychopathic at all. She was thinking about your daughter and didn't want to ruin her... Family & Friends

16 d

How was your 4th of July?

Happy Birthday 🎂 I had a nice 4th of July, I spent it with my family and boyfriend. We grilled and chilled! How was six flags? Going with my boyfriend in a couple of weeks? Family & Friends

16 d

No one cares if I leave social gatherings early. Do other people notice the same thing about themselves? I feel so worthless?

That doesn't mean you're worthless. Maybe find friends who have the same interests as you do. Family & Friends

18 d

I am in a bad situation. I hired a lady to help me with everything basically. She's worked for me since COVID. Lately she's been stealing from me why?

I don't know why. But instead of asking us this question, you should be asking her and then fire her!! Family & Friends

18 d

Am I a bad aunt for not wanting to gift my rude niece on her birthday?

Unfortunately your sister is the real problem here. She's letting her daughter get away with disrespecting you. If I ever spoke to one of my aunt's like she does to you I would have had my face... Family & Friends

19 d

How to deal with overprotective parents at 18?

Give them examples of how you never gave them a reason to not trust you to be responsible in different situations. It sounds like they are smothering you and you're right they are pushing you away... Family & Friends

20 d

Who else got spanked while growing up?

I got spanked on my butt with my mom's hand. Family & Friends

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