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We are usually happy, not all sad?

I thought I would make a separate post to let people know we are usually very happy! I am very much in love he can just be quite dismissive and selfish xx


Do you find girly girls or tomboys more attractive?

I'm definitely a girly girl, but I'm just curious about what you guys think.


Why is not liking open relationships wrong?

I despise open relationships. I think they are disgusting and degrading. Yet any time I say this in a related question, I get told that I'm "bitter" and "jealous" or that I'm "old fashioned". So you admit having respect for yourself and your partner is...



Do you think more girly/feminine women attract higher quality men?

I just notice that most of the time the girls with more desirable boyfriends (not just talking about looks here so men who treat them nicely and adore and seem to dote on them etc) seem to often be typical types who put a lot of effort into their fashion...


Do you think there will be a war between men and women?

Are men and women intolerant of each other nowadays?


Do you believe in marriage?

Does anyone believe in marriage?


Do you think you're irreplaceable?

Of course everyone is to a extent but i'm talking about do you think you're so different or interesting, or have so many great qualities that you're a good catch and someone would be super to lose you? I'm talking romantic and relationship terms)


What are your thoughts on adult Onesies?

I personally love them for relaxing in espcally a soft and fuzzy one like in the Picture. I would not wear one in public a part from one I did for pajama day back in high school. I also find them too hot to sleep in. I have had people say that onesies...


Why do guys ghost and play with girls even if they are attracted to them?

Why would a guy use a girl for sex then ghost her if he is attracted enough to sleep with her. She’s also he’s type and he said “it’s a shame u live far away we could of seen each other more.” And the girl has a nice personality and caring towards him but...


Should Women Be Police Officers?

I am a woman and I believe women can do the same jobs as men. However, scientifically speaking men are more logical and stronger than women and dont scare easily.


Who likes solving mysteries?

A Rare copper coin has just Turned up in Cairns Australia that was minted over 2000 years ago by Ptolemy the 4th ruler of Egypt. The story goes that a miner in Northern Australia was digging a fence hole in rainforest in 1912 and hit some metal three...


With a conservative judicial system, will states start banning gay marriage and abortion again?

Gay marriage was legalized nationwide in 2015. It would be awesome to see states reinstate bans on it six years later. 😂😂 It would be a liberal...


Girls have you ever hit a guy in the "family jewels" before?

Girls have you ever hit a guy in the family jewels before? Why did you do it and did you feel bad at allafterwards?


I would rather have Stalin, Lenin or Mao as the president of the United States than Donald Trump, is this normal?

It just seems that for all their bad rep, they're also more intelligent and know how to take care of their people to some degree. Donald Trump,...


Finish this sentence. ➡ A wise person ____________________ ?

A recent in-person interaction had me thinking that: A wise person wouldn't form a strong opinion of something they know little about. Photo by "Jens Lindner" on Unsplash



Ladies, what are some of the advantages of an all female cast?

Movies such as Charlie's Angels (2019), Terminator: Dark Fate, just to name a few. Do you think its helps to show that women can do things that men can? Are there movies (or other media) where it's better to have all women instead of all men?


What animals/insects are you afraid of?

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Puppies and kitties and fish, oh why! Snakes and gators and birds, oh no! Lizards and spiders and rodents? Well...


Why can’t men handle rejection?

Why do they automatically assume that women are playing hard too get? Maybe she’s not interested in dating or maybe she’s already dating.


What’s a resolution to the American political division?

It’s hard to connect to other Americans since everyone is so hostile and on edge. There’s also so much going on, that it almost creates tension if we ignore it entirely. This contributes along with us still being shut down in many areas. I’m naturally...


Was there justice for Breonna Taylor after the grand jury decision ? Is there a right decision here?

A grand jury didn’t charge any officers with shooting Ms. Taylor in her Louisville apartment. A former officer, accused of firing recklessly, was indicted on three counts of ‘wanton endangerment.’


Do you wait a while into dating before giving someone a weekend date?

I have been on several dates with this guy but he never gives me a Friday or a Saturday lots of plans with friends and I go out with mine too. But it’s like I stopped asking for a weekend date because I only get Sundays and weekdays?