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How embarrassing and humiliating was Biden’s awful withdrawal from Afghanistan?

He tries to act like it was the right decision. If you ask actual experts about this, they would say you could’ve left a couple thousand...

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How do I overcome my anger issues?

Sometimes in a day my anger just takes hold of me and I literally feel like I can kill somebody. And honestly that’s not the type of person I...

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Can a man love a woman without sleeping with her?

Do you believe this idea that ''a man can love a woman without sleeping with her''? Not all men are the same, but I still get the opposite impression on most men. Do you think this idea is still possible in today's age?

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I have a date soon and I'm super nervous. Should I cancel?

I just got out of a relationship 7 months ago I haven’t talked to any guy since then. I met someone 3 weeks ago we ran into each other twice in my neighborhood the first time we he tried to get my number I wasn’t ready to talk to anyone yet. our...

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I am a single dad dating childless woman but my daughter and my girlfriend dont get along well. What should I do?

My marriage ended about 4 years ago and I started dating a childless woman a few months ago. Though I tried, she and my daughter were never get along. My girlfriend told my daughter that she doesn't like kids and she doesn’t want to be a step-mom or sth....

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I cheated on my several partners many times and never got caught even once. Should I feel guilty?

Or is that something that doesn't matter unless you get caught, like lying?

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The truth is far better than the most beautiful of lies

Honesty in my opinion is always the best policy for ninety five percent of all matters, especially dealing with matters of the heart. Obviously, if you're dealing with a life or death situation there are exceptions. A lie is a deliberate attempt, by...

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What are some good ways to make money?

My friend says she knows a guy who made a million a year designing websites but he is obviously a genius with connections. My uncle makes $400 a...

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Why do men cheat if they have a girlfriend or wife? Why does marriage exist if men want 100 women?

I never understood this but I hear day by day stories of men cheating on women or single mom alone or divroced mom with kids alone or married women that got cheated on & takes back man & gets pregnant again. What’s point for men have gfs or wife’s if they...

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Will the GOP rebel?

will they rebel? do republicans have the courage to do it?

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The real problem with America, and why we as voters are to blame, instead of the Politicians

We have a lot of problems. I don't need to spell them out. We all know them. We get on here day in and day out complaining about them, and how the opposite party caused them. Well here is the most brutal truth I can say about it. We as a country have...

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Do guys like girls that work out?

Do guys like girls that work out or do you think it something just for guys?

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What does "Mi Vida" mean in Spanish?

I'm trying to learn Spanish and constantly listening to Spanish songs. Does anyone know the meaning of the term ''Mi Vida''?

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Should America should hand over control to the British until they get their act together?

First of all, they let a criminal run the country. They had no mechanism at all to prevent a person who was well-known to be a bit dodgy take...

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What can I do 😞?

Hello all, So about 2 months ago I lent a friend £300 to buy food and pay a couple of bills as she was struggling, well she said she’d pay me back and she always did but this time she’s only given me £10 and I feel as if I’m being fobbed off as she...

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Why are murderers let out on bond?

College student out on $750,000 bond after allegedly stabbing 17-year-old girl to death in convenience store parking lot. Bryanna Barozzini (L) is...

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Should women 30 or over no longer exist?

I’m talking about if they should cease to exist because they’re no longer desirable to men.


HELP? What jobs pay high with no degree?

I know social media pays a lot now a days but you need be famous & im not famous I have bad luck on social media. i get 0 likes. 0 views. I...

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Is turning a gay man straight even possible?

I’ve only heard of it, never have I ever seen it though.