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Do You Feel As Though You’re Physically Attractive To Most People Of The Opposite Sex?

Got a guy every other day calling me sexy or attractive so yea, I’m definitely attractive to most of em 😁


What is your favorite thing to do with a SO that's NOT sexual in nature?

I really had to specify. Some of you are terrible about this lol. For me cuddling under the stars near a bonfire and talking would be like heaven on earth for me.


Someone please explain to me how blm and antifa are “terrorists” but the people that rioted at the capital aren’t?

Makes no sense to me, people are becoming so brainwashed now thar being anti nazi and anti racism is now consider a radical political ideology rather than common sense and rational thinking? But the actual nazis are the people on the left, right?...


My ex boyfriend really messed up, what do I do?

My ex broke up with me a few months ago, then we started talking again and I was considering taking him back last week. Then I show up at a party...


A first move -?

We matched on a dating app once.. a month ago I found his Instagram profile so I decided to follow him Is following him on Instagram...


Do you donate to any Charities?

If you do, what is your reason as to donating? If you do not, is there an explanation as to why you do not? I donate to 'Bath cats and Dogs' and 'Dogs Trust' because I prefer animals over humans, I have donated to Bath cats and dogs for 5 years,...


Do you agree with me this is a fact?

Abortion legally is not murder I don’t believe this is my opinion. I believe this is a fact



Why do guys like my onesie (pic included)?

I have this cheetah onesie and nearly every guy I've hung out with has indirectly mentioned having an attraction to me in the onesie. Whether they talked about it as something they remembered, mentioned it in their fantasies, mentioned they like it when I...


Emojis... Good or Bad?

Do you use emojis? Which ones do you use most often? The Most Frequently Used Emoji of 2021


What are your thoughts on having a long distance relationship?

I personally don’t think I’d be able to do it bc I need physical touch (not necessarily sexual) and would date someone around 4 hours away from me Max. How about you?


Do you think interracial couples look good together or odd?

Some people are still living in the 1950s and are against interracial couples but some don’t see it as an issue as think colour is irrelevant what do you think? do you find it weird when you see a white guy with a black girl? it seems like...


Is my boyfriend cheating on me?

My boyfriend cheated on me in the summer (we've been together for a year), but I decided to forgive him because he told me himself and said it wouldn't happen again. But I don't believe him. How do I know if it's just my imagination or not. I keep thinking...


I lied about being short to my online boyfriend is it ok for him to be so extremely upset?

growing up I've always been called 'way too fall' and not 'feminine' because im 5'6.5 I've never met a girl taller than me and I've always been...


Do you think it’s ok to not follow society’s expectations on beauty?

I hate it when society expects women to be hair free , have a hot curvy body and a beautiful face to be accepted. I don’t have an ass or boobs, I’m not attractive and never use makeup at all. Is it ok if I don’t follow what they expect me to do? I...


Hi. how's your Sunday?

me? keep calm and sleep.


Will premarital sex and contraception always remain legal in the USA?

I would not be shocked at all if the states changed drastically socially post-COVID-19.


I'm 14 and I like a 17 year old, what do I do?

I've had a crush on him for over a year:(



Is the most racist political narrative that black people can't get IDs?

Black people can come up with $30 bucks and wait 10 years in the DMV. The real reason black people disproportionately have fewer IDs is...


What are your comfort TV shows?

Mine are Boy Meets World and Shameless. ❤



What are you a bit of a germaphobe about?

This is all before covid was even a thing. I won't use any restroom outside of home. Longest i held it was 4 days when out of town. I threw up...