U.S.A. Women vs. Foreign Women

There is a growing trend in the United States of men preferring or even only exclusively dating and marrying women from other countries, cultures, raised by immigrants, etc.

Some men say it's because the feminist movement in the U.S. has gone too far and that U.S. women are too much like men now in comparison to their foreign counterparts. Other men say it's because foreign women tend to value the relationship more, put more effort into it (because of their differences in culture), and are more clear with their intentions and don't play games. Finally with growing obesity rates in the U.S. more than any other culture, some men consider the majority of U.S. women too overweight and don't take care of their bodies(nor am I denying that American men can be overweight/obese as well) compared to foreign women who tend to keep in better physical shape.

Some U.S. women say it is because U.S. men want submissive, "mail ordered brides" (which I personally find to be rather offensive to consider any woman as such). Some say it is because they can't handle a "real" woman and have to go overseas to find a more "frail," and dependent woman. Some say these men are fat and ugly themselves and cannot attract an U.S. mate. Some say many other things which are rather rude and degenerate which I shall not repeat out of politeness.

The list on both genders for and against goes on and on. Personally I have been in relationships with women from the U.S.A., Europe, Asia, and South America (Colombia, Brazil, etc.). I have found that while every country has it's crazies (both men and women) and relationships from hell, that the U.S. is on the top of this category and that overall my relationships have been better with women from abroad than with women domestically. I did live in their countries during some of these as well and had to deal with other demons as being an American citizen in their country trying to date their women.

One set of facts to be kept in mind:

U.S./U.S. divorce rate is over 50%

U.S./Foreigner divorce rate is at 20%

U.S./Foreigner with U.S. husband living in the country of the wife: unmeasurable at barely above 0%

So what I ask is;

Men: Do you prefer U.S. women or Foreign women (or non American women if you are not from the States)

U.S. women: why do you think men seem to prefer foreign women over American women (and please give legitimate answers, none of the "not a real man," "fat, ugly, etc." rude answers. They are disrespectful to both men and the women they are referring to.

Foreign women: why do/don't you think U.S. men prefer relationships/marriage with Foreign women over U.S. women?
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Foreign/non-U.S.A. Women
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U.S.A. Women vs. Foreign Women
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