Why would a guy say 'ouch' when a girl says this?

A guy and a girl spend most days together and he'll go with her when she goes shopping even though it's exhausting.

They've got a best friend kind of connection and he always goes out of his way to do nice things for her.

They visit a chocolate factory together.

When the girl sees a huge chocolate-brown bunny larger than human size, her eyes widen and she says, "That's my future husband right there."

The guy says "ouch" - why?

Is it just a male ego thing or something?


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  • Because he likes you an doesn't want you liking anyone but him.an it probably kindof hurt his feelings for you to say that. He mite be a little bit to jelous but you should be flatterd that he likes you that much.4rl

  • He obviously has feelings for you.


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