Jerks who bully people online.

Jerks who bully people online.

This isn't normally the sort of stuff I write about on here but earlier I came across a jerk online and gave him some of his own medcine. I have a friend who was once bullied online and my Dad has had trouble in the past as well.

I thought I would write about this for anyone who has had to deal with jerks online (Which is probably most of us) as it can be hurtful and annoying but what we need to remember is that these people are low lifes.

I have a friend who has a lot of disabilities - She is abnormally short, hard of hearing and has some sight problems. She still has a life though - She attends college, has a lot of friends (me included), goes to fun dancing classes and has had boyfriends.

There was an old classmate of hers bullying her online once though, saying no one would like her because of her disabilities. How sad is that? Sat at home picking on a disabled girl? Tut tut tut. It's not true either because she has had boyfriends. From what the boy sounded like, he was insecure about something. I don't know what. Something in his life maybe? Perhaps he had never had a girlfriend and thought he'd pick on her to make himself feel better? I don't know. Bullies usually tend to pick on the people they deem weaker than them so they feel more powerful. He did sound a total saddo though. I did try to help but I still think he upset her, she just needed to remember that she was better than him and people often forget their own worth when being picked on.

Always remember you are better than the bully, it's true! I mean who would you rather be friends with in this situation? A girl who, though has disabilities you can still chat to like anyone else and have a laugh with and who is nice, or a guy who sits at home all day bullying disabled girls online? I know who I'd rather have.

I have to deal with A-holes online sometimes too. I have tried the approach of being nice to them or making them feel guilty and it does not seem to work. My Dad once told me that the only thing that scares a bully is another bully, and so earlier when someone was being a jerk online to me, I said stuff back.

You see there is this app called Whisper. If you haven't heard of it it is meant to be used to make annoymous confessions, some people do use it as a dating app though and people can private message you on there. I usually tend to use it for the purpose of getting advice with things or helping to give others advice, you do get some jerks message you on there sometimes though. I had one of these jerks on there earlier, saying that my boyfriend would leave me because I don't believe in sex before marriage. My boyfriend knew about that before we were even going out and respects that - He even asked if there was anything else we couldn't do as he didn't want to disrespect my religion. I know people have managed no sex before marriage before and so told this guy that and he said they cheat. I went a bit far and tried to guilt trip him by saying I would cut myself. He put "Cool, or f**k me". This is how the rest of the conversation went (I am going to put stars in as I am not sure if you are allowed to swear on here):

Him: Cool, or f**k me

Me: F**k yourself

Him: Its not long enough

Me: No surprise there then

Him: U wouldn't know

Me: I know due to ur sourness u probably have anger issues due to having a 1 incher

Him: Least i use it

Me: On ur Mum

Him: She not here anymore. I cruise u and now somthing bad will happen to you!!

Me: U can't even spell "Curse" properly. What are you? 10

Him: Auto spell mess up. You will see

Me: OoOoo Im shaking in my little booties. Im getting threats from someone who doesn't know me on Whisper

Him: Love u

Me: ;P

Him: I would love to f*** u hard

Me: I would love to f*** your life

Him: Fill your mouth with my c**

Me: Thats your mothers job

I have yet to hear from him since but my guess is I wound him up too much. I don't like having to do it and would rather settle things maturely but sometimes the only way to get rid of the bully is to be the bully. I am hoping I upset this guy and taught him a lesson.

Can be good to block people if you can though, good luck to anyone who is being cyber bullied - You report that stuff if you can and if not - get someone like me to deal with them lol. Just remember you are almost certainly of much more value than someone who goes online all day trying to bully people. Never forget your worth!

Hoped this MyTake helped some people

Much love,



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  • Bullying shouldn't be accepted in any form. Especially online because you can't even escape from it