Curiosities About Wiccan Candles

Curiosities about Wiccan candles

Candles are used in a variety of magic rituals, for thousands of years; so here is myTake about various types of candles, most commonly used in certain spells, in order to increase their efficiency.

1. White Candles

White candles are commonly identified with purity, joy of life and energy, white color is also a symbol of wisdom and virginity.

White Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Healing, Peace, Truthfulness, Safety, Benevolence, Innocence, Hope, Cleansing and the New Beginnings in Life.

2. Black Candles

Black candles are commonly identified with silence, darkness, transformation and negative forces, however, black color can be positive under certain circumstances, but those circumstances must be very familiar.

Black Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Power, Revenge, Absorbing Illness, Causing Discord, Reversing Hexes, Banishing, Binding, and Protection from Retribution.

Note - Be careful what you wish for, do what you will, so long as it harms none, whatever energy you send out into the world, whether it's positive or negative, will be returned to you three times.

3. Red Candles

Red candles are commonly identified with heat, passion, strength, rage, action, strong willpower and courage, red color is also a symbol of aggression and sexuality.

Red Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Bravery and Encouragement, Physical aspects of Love, Increasing of Libido & Potency, Invoking Lust, Health Maintenance, Energy and Vitality.

4. Blue Candles

Blue candles are commonly identified with stability, rationality, creativity, depth and infinity, blue color is also a symbol of friendship and honesty.

They are usually used in rituals related to: Tranquility, Inspiration, Mental Healing, Serenity, Meditation, Bliss, Forgiveness, Conciliation, Fidelity, Making new Friends, Finding new Job, Business Success, Invoking Wealth, Water Elemental Magic.

Note - When performing Love Spells, you should always avoid Blue Candles, as they may have a negative effect in the form of depression, frigidity and apathy.

5. Yellow Candles

Yellow candles are commonly identified with success, glory, wisdom and enlightenment, yellow color is also a symbol of light and maturation.

Yellow Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Intelligence, Bringing plans into Action, Vitality, Good Memory, Imagination, Confidence, Concentration, Clarity of Thoughts, Air Elemental Magic.

6. Green Candles

Green candles are commonly identified with fertility, youth, regeneration, immortality of the soul, durability and rebirth, green color symbolises nature and purity.

Green Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Luck, Abundance, Lottery Games, Success in Sports, Planning of Pregnancy, Emotional Healing, Relaxation, Prosperity, Harmony, Growth and Rejuvenation.

7. Orange Candles

Orange candles are commonly identified with self-confidence, physical energy, enthusiasm, education and happiness, orange color symbolises cheerfulness and warmth.

Orange Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Attracting the opposite gender, Career and Legal Matters, Easier Learning, Ambition and Self-Esteem, Fire Elemental Magic.

8. Purple & Violet Candles

Purple and Violet Candles are commonly identified with supernatural, holiness, prophecies, sensitivity, mental expansion and spirituality, both purple and violet color symbolise sixth sense/third eye, fulfillment and inner growth.

Violet and Purple Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Invoking Visions, Psychic Abilities, Realization of Goals and Ideals, Higher Intuition, Summoning Spirits, Astral Traveling, Karmic Regression, and Spiritual Guidance.

9. Grey Candles

Grey candles are commonly identified with wisdom, experience and predictions, grey color also symbolizes maturity, neutrality and balance.

Grey candles are usually used in rituals related to: Psychic Development, Erasing negative feelings, Compromises, Smoothing down Conflicts, Neutralising hostility, Clairvoyance, Contemplation, Repels negative influences.

10. Pink & Rosy Candles

Pink and Rosy candles are commonly identified with happiness, affection, harmony, and marriage, pink & rosy color symbolises romance and joy of life.

Rosy / Pink Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Finding True Love, Healing wounded Emotions, Forgiveness, Wedding plans, Compassion and love for yourself and others, Devotion and Harmonious Friendship.

11. Brown & Ocher Candles

These candles are commonly identified with reliability, sincerity and security, brown color also symbolises seriousness and elegance.

Brown / Ocher Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Financial security & Securing your Family and achieving Material gain, Protecting pets and other Animal magic, Grounding & removing Indecisiveness and Hesitation, Earth Elemental Magic.

12. Beige & Tan / Creamy and Ivory Candles

They are commonly identified with softness and pleasantness, but these neutral colors also symbolise flexibility and dependability.

Beige & Tan / Creamy and Ivory Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Divination, Nurturing, Development of Extrasensory Perception, Dispelling of negative energy.

13. Copper Candles

Copper candles are commonly identified with business professionality, trustworthiness and financial goals, but this color also symbolises conservativeness.

Copper Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Success in matters of Work / Profession, Consistency and Persistence in achieving Money goals, Passion in Career growth and accomplishing various Job tasks.

14. Silver & Metalic Candles

Silver and metalic dandles are commonly identified with eloquence, persuasiveness, gracefulness and sophistication.

Silver Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Victory in discussions, Cancellation of harmful spells, Removing malicious thoughts, Developing Intuition.

15. Golden Candles

Golden candles are commonly identified with wealth, money, playfulness and luck.

Golden Candles are usually used in rituals related to: Attracting Money, Fortune in Gambling, Enlightenment, Positive Attitude, Justice, Luxury, Invoking Cosmic powers.

In Magic rituals, the strongest Candles are made of natural Beeswax, followed by Stearin, Tallow and Paraffin Candles.

I hope my advices will help at least some of my fellow Wiccans, and other magic practitioners, good luck ;)


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  • Very interesting Take, I like these mystical stuff.


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    • I thought so too. She's the only Wiccan here so no point in going Anonymous.

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    • And there are other Pagans here on GaG, not just Wiccans, who used candles for rituals.

    • @dragonfly6516 That's right :)

  • Wicca is a very interesting subject. I didn't know they used different types of candles though.

    • Of course, every color has specific energy vibration, we use some other details too, related to days and hours suitable for performing certain rituals. Some spells also require particular objects to increase the concentration and intensity of rituals.

  • Wodanists (or whom I am one) have a slightly different view on the colours. I liked your explanation of the Wiccan position.

    • Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
      Wodanism is the same as Odinism, right?

    • Yes, but quite different to the fluffy bunnies of Asatru, who do not understand the importance of blood and soil.

    • I see, very cool.

  • Very educational take - I didn't know any of that before

    • I'm glad you like it :)

  • Cool relgion honestly lol

  • What about the lavender candles that women always light for "sexy time"?

    • They are occasionally used as a combination of purple and pink candles :)

  • Wow, I never knew Wicca is so complex...

    • Yup, even more complex than you think ;)

  • Just curious, what does the trivium (Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric) have to do with wicca?

    • Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric are related to any subject you write about ;)

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    • yeah but what is it? whats it's meaning and use and where does it come from? The trivium is a method of learning/getting to the truth and it comes from ancient Greece I believe, for example.

    • Triquetra is an ancient symbol of Triple Goddess (the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone).

  • stupid

    • As you can see, most people like it ;)

  • Silly - - -

    • No, it's not, and as you can see, most people like it ;)

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    • Then turn me into a frog then lol

    • That's just a fiction... you don't know what real magic is.

  • hey keep your demonic new age shit away from this site. there are children here.

    • Wicca is not "demonic", you are mistaking us for Satanists, we are not like them, get it?

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    • deceptions, deceptions and more deceptions. i will fast myself today hoping God will illuminate your confused mind.

    • I will pray to the Great Mother Goddess for you to get well, you are severely deluded my friend.

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  • I love it! =)
    Really interesting.

  • Cool. I don't have time to read the whole thing right now but from what I read it was interesting. I'll read the rest tomorrow.

    • Ok, I'm glad you like it :)

  • Nice MyTake, Wicca is so cool :D

  • Cool Mytake, I like Wicca :)

  • Dressing them in certain oils helps give them a boost as well.

  • This is so true I need to start practicing again it will balance me and bring back the light

  • Very nice 😊 I love candle's 😊

  • Cool MyTake! Very interesting information about it all. Thanks for writing this :-)

    • You are very welcome :)

  • I have a soft spot for all kinds of candles...

  • I'm not sure if this is related to Wiccan in any way, but one time when I was like 13 (and very stupid), I found a page in Seventeen magazine that showed you how to make a person fall for you by their astrology sign. The guy I wanted was a Leo, and for him it said to find a red candle and mark his initials on the candle, and light it for a few minutes every night for a week I believe. So I did that, and surprisingly he started paying attention to me. Anyway, I didn't realize "white" magic was just as bad as "black" magic, or so that's what I read on the Internet. I eventually had terrible experiences in life a few years after and I'm not sure if it had to do with me doing that candle junk, but thank the Lord I got involved into the Christian religion and haven't had a bad experience since then. Never in my life will I do anything like that again.

    • White magic is not bad, that's just a judeo-christian-islamic misconception... besides, love magic is not white magic, it's actually called red magic. Your terrible experiences in life are most likely related to your karma, mistakes in your past life... or you made certain mistake during the candle "ritual" (which was obviously not Wiccan).

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    • I think that's like telling an atheist that God exists, even if they don't believe.

    • Well, that's a solid comparison ;)