The Diving Challenge: O-2 and Some Chlorine

I was nervous, I admit it.

O-2 and Some Chlorine

The still pool water distorted the pool floor and it was hypnotizing. Goosebumps rose on my wet swimsuit clad body, the textured diving platform rough against my bare soles. I breathed in deeply, filling my lungs to the brim with O-2 and some chlorine. This was the moment--

What if I hit the bottom?

Doubts filled my head. The deep end was awfully deep but was it deep enough?

It was no use to worry, I assured myself. There was only one way to find out.

My mother always advised me that determination was the greatest skill one could have. I didn’t have it, but I had always wanted to have it. That's the thought that pushed me off the board.

With my body streamlined, I dove into a pool of unknown.

I remember it all, every second. The second of overwhelming fear between the board and the pool. The shock to my senses, the struggle to catch my bearings. That was the moment. My eyelids were squeezed shut as my sinking slowed along with my heart rate. I laid a palm against the pool floor. Stillness. A rushing silence. Engulfed by blue.

I rose. The water was soothing but the air was a necessity. If not for the begging of my lungs, I could have stayed down there for eternity. I broke the surface, filling my lungs to the brim with O-2 and some chlorine. Now, that was a moment.

Everything I worried about washed away, and a wave soothingly dragged me towards the center of the pool but I didn't mind. Leaning back to float on the pool's turbulent surface, I felt my cheeks stretch into a smile. It was one of those genuine ones that you couldn't stop even if you wanted to.

My eyes drifted shut, I had lost my goggles some time during my dive but I didn't care. A child's gleeful laugh could be heard in the distance. A brisk wind swirled in my ears. It was the summer of 2012 and I was hopelessly, madly in love...

With diving.


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