You Have the Right to Be Real

You have the right to be human. You are aloud to make mistakes and be selfish sometimes, stop trying to be some robot or Barbie. You don't have to be selfless and perfect with abs or nice boobs, you just have to be real. Be who you are not some Barbie who deep down isn't happy, its not your job to make other people happy unless it makes you happy. Robots are mechanical and void of emotion same with Barbie's, do you really want to be void of emotions ?You are aloud to be you, not a different person. Stop apologizing for being in-perfect, never apologize for being you. That's like apologizing for giving someone $500, they need to be happy with it and not want more. Be you wether that's a guy everyone sees as a fvckboy or a girl everyone sees as a slvt. You are just they way God made you to be

You have the right to be real.


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    Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not. Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.


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  • YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY AND SCRE*W THE REST or the opinions of others as long as you dont break any rules go for it and try to do your best and pursue what you think it makes you happy even if you fail later but at least you tried and risked.

    Im tired of people second guessing my actions toward a guy I like saying that my behavior is inappropriate, im already tired hearing that.


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  • I have the right to be real? OK. Let’s exercise it little bit, shall we? First of, that space before question mark, that’s borderline annoying.
    Robots are…mechanical, sure, but more important is their programming. And emotions could be simulated. To the point, where you cannot distinguish between real and simulated.
    No. There is no god, it’s all fairytales. Old ones. And mind virus. My DNA and environment made me.

    • You believe what you want but I believe their is a God who made all of us.

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    • How is this rude? :-D It’s just observation, that’s all. Besides, I am one of those people, who doesn’t care if I am rude or not. Because all of this hypersensitivity leads me to different point of view. Don’t feel insulted by anyone on the internet. What that means is simple: you cannot insult me. I mean…you can, but…there is no effect. I know I am online, so I view all through this lens. I would strongly recommend you do this as well.
      No, I have problem with all mind viruses. Religion, spirituality, all of these things, which just demands obedience from you. No, that’s just wrong.
      Again: not opinion, simple fact. Religion locks your mind, that’s not good.

    • I am very aware that this is online. I wouldn't make a big attempt to insult you because I do not care. I don't care about your facts, I will believe what I want to, its freewill just like you have freedom of speak and free will. My faith is not going to change and that I will promise

  • Nobody is stopping you from being real as long as you don't break any laws.


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