Would you date a Turkish girl/guy?

After months on this site, I'm finally asking a question you'd expect from a Turk. Would you date a Turkish girl/guy? This question goes especially to Armenians, Greeks, Cypriots and Australians.

(Note: not every one of us are Muslims or care about religion)

And why/why not?


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  • I am a Greek (and Swiss) - so a little bit your arch enemy haha ;-).
    But seriously, I have to say it depends. Because I live in Switzerland, I know tons of Turks, both second and third generation Turks who are very different from the ones living in Turkey, but also first generation Turks who moved here to study or work. I wouldn't date most of the second-generation Turks because they tend to be very conservative. Unlike the foreigners in America, foreigners in Europe don't assimilate as much, they still keep to their culture and language and things like that. I don't find this a bad thing but it can become problematic in some cases, namely when they form very closed-up communities. So not all second generation Turks in Switzerland are "Swissenized" as you might expect but they are actually very traditional thinking and usually religious. What I also don't like about second generation Turks is that many of their parents come from extremely conservative, religious, simple backgrounds. Most of the Turkish "Gastarbeiter" (guest workers, cheap labor force) that came to Switzerland or Germany in the 1960s and 1970s originally come from small, very remote place in the very east of Anatolia. These people still believe that forced marriage is okay and that it is okay to kill your daughter if she has sex before marriage with a guy the father doesn't approve of (and stuff like that). And because these people live in pretty closed-up communities now in Switzerland, their children also tend to think like that. Especially the young Turkish guys can be very macho-ish and patriarchic and I don't like that. But also the girls can be very traditional and religious in a very uncomfortable way.
    However, as I said I also know first-generation Turks and they are very different. Because the young people who come to Switzerland for the Master's degree or their doctorate studies are usually very intelligent, well educated people from Istanbul who are very laid back and easy going. I would have no problem with dating one of those girls. In fact, I find many of them both pretty and cool ;-). So basically, if the person is well-educated and comes from a big city (particularly Instanbul or Ankara), I would like to date them. But if they're stuck-up, narrow minded Anatolians - no thanks!
    There would be one problem for me in any case though: my Greek grandma. My Greek grandma absolutely hates Turkish people and probably would get a heart attack if I dated a Turkish girl ;-)

    • Believe me, no one likes those children of guest workers. It's like Turkey wanted to get rid of rotten apples by sending them to Europe . They somehow cling onto religion and other stuff when they live far away from Turkey, like my cosuin who was born in the Netherlands and all their neighbours. My aunt married a Turk who moved there as a child. While I went to a normal public school in Turkey, he went to an Islamic school with small hijabi girls in Maastricht. There's that movie called Mixed Kebab, you should watch it.

      Well, I'm kinda lucky about that. No one in my family minds foreigners, it's all about religion. I have a half-Romanian cousin whose father converted to Islam. I think my dad would be happy if I was with an Armenian and he converted or agreed to raise the kids Muslim. He loves Armenians. What he's doesn't know is that I'm not a Muslim myself 😌

    • Haha, that's kinda funny ;-). And thanks for the movie suggestion. I would like to do this cultural movie exchange but you've probably already watched "My big fat Greek wedding". If not, you definitely should. I'm not very much into comedies but this is a great one. I'm sure some of it is also true for Turkish culture. And almost all of the stuff that the movie makes fun of (in an exaggerated way) is actually true. That's why my Grandma doesn't like it hehe ;-). I'm less patriotic about this stuff. I think it's great if you can laugh about the quirks of your own culture.

      About the religion part: I'm an atheist myself, so my ideal girlfriend will always be an atheist/secular. However, I could also date a religious girl as long as she's mildly religious (many of my friends are "christians light" as I call them (like Coca Cola light). And to be honest, if she was religious anyway, I wouldn't care if she was Muslim or christian. In fact, I find mosques more cozy than churches ;-).

    • I did watch it. It was awesome xD

      I like walking around in big mosques too, but only if there's no one around.

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  • Yes, I would for sure, but only if he wasn't like a lot of Turks on GAG - self-obsessed, a bit creepy and can't even speak proper English . 😐

    • It's offensive how correct this opinion is

  • Only if he is "westernized", meaning he is only turkish in facial features, but inside he is not religious, not a muslim, not like any other stereotypical turks.

    • What is a stereotypical Turk like?

    • Like MissNowhere said. Plus arrogant, think they can do no wrong, loud, obnoxious, likes to listen to turkish music and dance on the streets, making everyone listen to their music (sorry, but I cannot stand turkish music). In short, they are ignorant and likes to be the center of attention. Also, they are wayyy to proud of their own countries, making them seem even more annoying to me. I HATE arrogant and ignorant people.

    • Turkish music isn't that bad xD

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